Success Guidelines

A few success guidelines can help you always find light at the end of a tunnel.

How to successfully recognize, embrace and take advantage of change.


Little Horse Creek at our North Carolina farm.

Change is accelerating. Those who embrace change will have great opportunity.
Those who do not accept the reality of evolving societies and economies are likely to suffer.

There are three ways to embrace change; adaptation, mitigation and structural.

See more about how to invest in adaptation, mitigation and structural change at International Investment Gains.

Yet investing makes no sense until there is enough money. Plus money is becoming less and less reliable. After the recent recession… Wall Street crash, Madoff scandal… crash of AIG Insurance… GM bankruptcy and the need to bail our major US banks… who and what can we trust?

Have trust in ourselves is the only answer! Our own personal ability to adapt and serve in an ever changing and more rapidly changing world is our greatest asset.

There are seven steps we can take to enhance success in this ability.

The first step to success is to take advantage of modern science’s understanding of our quantum and fractal existence and incorporate this into our overall thinking. Using this knowledge can greatly enhance our intelligence because we are linked to an infinite universe. See how at Changing Everything.

In other words, our minds have access to incredible success. Learn more about how we can tap this success at an article on Brain Waves.

Once we understand the power we have in our mind-body-consciousness, we can leap ahead in success.

The second step is to improve nutrition. See Seven Steps to Better Nutrition Here.

This is one reason that Merri and I live in Ecuador and on our North Carolina farm. Our lifestyles in these places helps us eat naturally. In a typical day we might start with fresh eggs from our free range chickens.


Then perhaps fresh trout from our creek will be our lunch. Here is our daughter, Eleanor, with one of the trout she brought in for lunch.


Plus we grow our own vegetables, starting early in our greenhouse…






corn, beans and peas.

The third step to success is exercise. At our age (we collect Social Security) we keep our exercise easy and gentle… walking mostly. Here we are walking to our office in the woods.


We hike a lot during our winters in Ecuador as well.

Plus we do ancient, easy exercises that strengthen muscles and energy transmission systems within the body.. ideally in the sun, on the earth and near our creek.


Here I am doing a sun salute on Little Horse Creek. See more on the sun salute here.

See a sun salute graphic.

We also use our many pools of cold water after exercise. Here is my back yard soaking pool… spring fed water, 49 degrees year round.


In the winter we even get in the creek. Here I am with our son, Jake.


The next success step is to have an international business doing something you love. See what I mean at wild pooling.

Merri and I stay busy pursuing our PIEC activity, “Turning Our Passion into Profit.” See the importance of turning your passion into profit at International Beginning.


Though we are retirement age… we feel we are just beginning. Here I am teaching one of our courses in Cotacachi, Ecuador.


Here I am speaking about international business to over 300 delegates in Quito Ecuador.


The three keys for a business to be satisfying are:

#1: Autonomy.

#2: Complexity.

#3: A direct relationship between effort and reward.

When your business offers these qualities you enhance your success. See why here.

Our international business allows us to take the fifth success step and live globally part time here at our farm in Smalltown USA. Smalltown USA is one of the Great Places to Be.

Being in the mountains allows us to enjoy nature, pure spring fed water, fresh air, peace, quiet and to be surrounded by nature. I can even work in the woods!


Being in small town USA can help Return the American Dream.

Your own international internet business can help you live where you desire. See how to create your own international internet business here.

The sixth step to success is global living… in our case in Ecuador.

Global living gives you diversification… expands your horizons and adds flavor to life, business and investing. Our international business led us to Ecuador.

See why at How to Make Money Even When You Do Not Want To.

We love our North Carolina farm. Nothing is more glorious than summers there.

Here is our front yard’s summer view.


Then autumn’s leaf change turns the view… to bursting golden.



Here’s our North Carolina house in the fall… before this…


and the time to head south to Ecuador.

Our international business led us to Ecuador and some amazing journeys.

Here we are with friends when we hiked with a yatchak into the sacred LLanganatis Valley with friends.


See How Our Ecuador Journey Began.

Plus we bought a small…




hotel where our readers from around the world congregate in the hotel’s open air court yard to learn and…



Here in winter we enjoy our Ecuador family (they disguise themselves as the hotel staff) at Meson de las Flores.


Ecuador’s weather is wonderful, plus Ecuador Real Estate is Inexpensive.

Learn more about Ecuador Living.

The seventh success step is international investing.

The ultimate lifestyle-wealth-success position is a six point command posture where you:

Live in one country
Bank in a second country
Invest in many countries
Earn in two or more countries
Use a company incorporated in a fifth country
Take a second residence

See why the six point command posture helps success at Mutli Currency Realities.

See the importance of Multi Currency Portfolios Here.

These are seven success guidelines; enhance your full intelligence potential, improve nutrition, add exercise, turn your passion into profit with your own international business, live where it is good for you, live internationally and invest internationally.

We look forward to sharing these seven success guidelines that we practice with you.


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