Ecuador Business Ideas

Ecuador business opportunities are numerous such as the idea sent to me by a French delegate from a group we took to Quito. She wrote:

Ecuador business ideas question

“Gary, Ever since I came back from Quito in March after attending your seminar-which I so thoroughly enjoyed-I have been aware that I would like to start up a small business and in doing so help the Ecuadorians in some tiny way.

“It has also become an obsession to create Ecuador business ideas so in the future I must spend part of my winters in that wonderful country! (I think in one of my past lives I have lived there!)

“I bought a couple of sweaters from Galeria Latina and have shown them to friends both here in France and in the UK, and they created a lot of interest.

“As you may remember I do not have a lot of capital to finance my Ecuador business ideas so cannot buy huge amounts of stock. So this is where I would so much value your opinion and advice. What about a mail order catalogue or sales on the internet? There is already an English company which sells Peruvian clothes through a catalogue and some of their sweaters sell for over £400! I ordered a dress for my niece a couple of years ago and it took 6 months to arrive!

“I really enjoy reading all your newsletters about Ecuador business ideas-long may they continue. I appreciate the fact that you are a very busy person but if you do have a moment to put down any ideas on the subject I would be most grateful. Do hope all is well in your world-please pass on my best wishes to Merri. Strange things seem to be happening in France at the moment. With kind regards from C.”

My reply below provides Ecuador business idea that will work in many types of small businesses. Here was my reply.

Ecuador Business Ideas

“I am delighted to share some thoughts on Ecuador business ideas . I see several ways of doing this. First I have seen the Peruvian catalogue and you are right, they charge an arm and a leg for their products.

Ecuador is a perfect place for small business people as their industries are composed mainly of small businesses. Few big companies export from there because they cannot get sufficient supply.

I suggest selling from inventory. Build slowly. If you take orders and then try to get product from Ecuador you may be overwhelmed with customer service problems. The task of continually telling everyone when the shipment is coming could be too much to bear. Buy as much as you comfortably afford, sell it and buy a little more each time.

An alternative is to buy and show samples, take orders and when you have sufficient orders (with a deposit that should about equal your purchase price), fly over and buy….plus enjoy your time there.

Call your service “Andean Buyers Club” or something like that. The story is simple. There are wonderful sweaters, coats, clothes, etc., in the Andes, but who has the time to get them all? You will be the customer’s personal buyer. Give them an E catalogue, let them send you their order with deposit and credit card (so you can charge the balance when you return with the goods). When you have enough orders to cover your trip and give you a profit, run for DeGaulle! Good luck!”

You can live inexpensively in Ecuador and earn in such simple ways.

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