Ecuador Coastal Real Estate

Ecuador coastal real estate is hauntingly beautiful. Waves crash on black haystack rocks that grind an aquamarine Pacific into foam and mist of white. It is early March, near the coast of Puerto Lopez, Ecuador and we are viewing Ecuador coastal real estate. We head due west. Merri and I are with friends, sitting on the gleaming 35 foot cruiser. Warm salt air massages our sun drenched skin us as we race west, hypnotized by a sleepy drone from twin Yamaha 115s.

There are many economic opportunities in Ecuador coastal real estate to share in this message, but first let me answer the question that was meandering gently through my mind. “What really is paradise?” I almost nodded off then looked across the sea once more. Eleven shrimpers glowed white as they bobbed on the horizon. Their bird covered arms trailed nets that looked like spidery webs of white. The ocean turned deep indigo as the continental shelf dropped away. This is Ecuador coastal real estate at its best!

Our destination? Isla de la Plata, the Silver Isle, little known but like Galapagos, the home of rare birds ( we saw loads of blue footed boobies in their rookery) and animal life not known elsewhere.

“What really is paradise?” I pondered once more. Walking a broad beach of Ecuador coastal real estate at sun rise to join the villagers for the morning’s catch, which included a monstrous snook? The soft murmur of young lovers as they stroll on a warm evening, holding hands? A billion stars on a clear night? A native market piled high in mangos, papaya, pineapples, custard fruit, bananas in yellow, red and green, blackberries, ovos, plums, beans, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, peppers, cabbages bigger than a bread basket, flowers and other delicious fruits and vegetables, you can’t even imagine as they are endemic only to Ecuador even know, all swollen with vine ripened goodness and priced so low they cost nothing? A cook who prepares these treasures with love and serves them on an open air balcony cleansed by a sweet breeze from the sea? An afternoon sleep in a hammock, soothed by a gentle salt breeze? Riding through a tropical forest? Fresh ground juice at night on the terrace? Village laughter in the darkness heard from a comfortable bed? Friendly, happy faces everywhere? You get all this from Ecuador coastal real estate.

I couldn’t decide which part was best having just enjoyed them all for just eight bucks a night on an inspection trip Merri and I made of Ecuador coastal real estate around Manta.

I want to share why this is an incredible place to visit, plus why it’s an economic wonder for investors right now. I share it next page.


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Ecuador Real Estate

Ecuador Coastal Real Estate