Ecuador Flight Schedules

Ecuador flight schedules caught two suns hang orange on cotton clouds over black keys that float on a fading Caribbean blue. Grey corrugated skies flatten into a long plain and slide into the fading inkiness of dusk.

February 22, 5:10 AA Flight 967. Part of the pleasure in flying to Ecuador has been that Ecuador flight schedules mean we always leave at dusk. Sunset over the Caribbean is a magnificent sight and Ecuador flight schedules assure we’ll see this.

The bad news is you arrive late in Quito or Guayaquil because of these late Ecuador flight schedules. Visiting a new country is especially hard when you are tired and more confused in the dark if you have not been there before. Now there is some great news about Ecuador flight schedules from Miami to to Ecuador!

Since the great depression down here Saeta (Ecuador’s airline) and Equatoriana shut down. This left American Airlines and their Ecuador flight schedules from Miami to serve the bulk of the route.

This meant that American in their typical, corporate stinkiness raised prices and lowered the level of their already bad service. I have experienced cancelled flights, overbooking, just plain rudeness, etc. The Ecuadorian airlines had always been so gentle and sweet!

Plus I heard that American was trying to make it hard for other airlines to get in with Ecuador flight schedules from Miami. My guess is they enjoy gouging those of us who have no choice.

But finally other airlines are getting Ecuador flight schedules from Miami. Chile’s Lan Airline now offers flights to Ecuador under the name LAN at about half the price American was charging. I really like Ecuador flight schedules as well. They depart Miami at 7:30 a.m., arriving at lunch into Quito. You miss the sunset but get into Quito at a decent hour. I have traveled on this Ecuador flight schedule and their service is great! I would find it hard to imagine any being as bad as American, but LAN is actually good without the easy comparison.

Lan Chile is a well respected South American airline that offers many flights beyond Ecuador flight schedules. Many of my readers have successfully booked via After speaking with the Lan Chile office, we discovered that they do have abilities to offer you flights from all over America that tie into the Miami flight.

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Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

View of Ecuador Mountain seen on Ecuadorian flight schedules that bring you across the Valley of volcanoes during the day