Some times a slow mover can create fast profits. Such as snails. What could be slower? Believe it or not they offer a way to make fast bucks and look more beautiful as well.

One of the keys to finding wealth is to get out and look. Very rarely do great opportunities come looking for you and knock on your front door. When you travel though, you never knows what unusual ideas are waiting! Take our recent Import-Export Expedition. A great opportunity suddenly popped up from the blending of several contrasts, distortions and trends.

First we had looked at how changes in the lifestyles of baby boomers can create opportunity. DETAILS

During the expedition we then reviewed how CNBS has launched a series on the lifestyles of boomers. One article they published is about cosmetics. That article started:

“WASHINGTON – Why would a woman of a certain age take makeup advice from a youngster in a micro-miniskirt at the mall? Revlon asked that question, and in response the cosmetics giant has launched a whole new brand aimed at boomer women called Vital Radiance. The company is hoping to add $200 million in new sales to its $2.5 billion business. So why separate Vital Radiance from the well-known Revlon brand?” See the entire article at

We saw that one of the hot boomer products is skin care.

Then we noted how a growth area in skin care are products made from (believe it or not) the secretion of snails. This is not slimy stuff either (especially not the profit). The cream is a white, smooth and hypoallergenic with no odor or ‘sliminess’. This is a multi-purpose skin renewal and repair cream and has been reported to be very effective on scars, wrinkles, acne, burns, age spots, warts and minor cuts.

The trend began when Chilean farmers bred snails for export to the French food market. The snail handlers began to notice how soft their hands had become and that minor cuts healed without infection or scarring.

A scientific study showed that the cream contained an extraordinary natural substance that helped the human skin.

The great idea of opportunity jumped out because we knew that Ecuadorian farmers also grow snails for escargot.

We have been asking around since March for someone who might be producing this all natural product here in Ecuador. Some of our European guests this winter have been asking for this “snail slime” and telling us of its miraculous qualities. Lo and behold, we found a company, Ecuador Opportunities offering low cost snail slime skin care products for export from Ecuador! They had a display at owe of the export exhibitions we conducted right here at El Meson! (This diversity of products to sell globally is another great quality of a small country…which treasures natural products.)

Who would have guessed! Send me a note to learn more about skin cream and our research service at

Llamas and snails! You gain many wonderful and unusual things when you travel, especially in Ecuador! This is Sunny, one of the two mascots (Sunny and Dawn) at San Miguel, the home sites next to El Meson where many of our friends and clients have moved.

Learn more about import export and how to cash in on travel, contrasts, distortions and trends.

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Have a wonderful weekend and may your profits never be slow!


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