Ecuador Real Estate

Why Ecuador Real Estate?

For us one reason is that we love Ecuador real estate. Rosaspamba, in Quechua (the language of the Andes), means “Place of Roses”. This is the name of our hacienda in Ecuador, which is a huge tract of meadows and primary forest, five gigantic waterfalls…all with an incredible sense of peace and harmony. The hacienda looks down on lush valleys. Mists are rising, waterfalls fold in lacy cascades and bird songs thrill the clear air. A mountain river below rushes in harmony. There is a joy here that few have felt since we were kids. There’s not a worry in the world except watching the roses grow.

Merri and I stood on a bluff one dusk and watched our Ecuador real estate turn golden as the thin sun set into the distant Pichinca Mountains. The air was crystal and chilled, but a roaring bonfire erased the cold. Scents of the wild roses fill our Ecuador real estate. The roses grow throughout this land floated on the rising thermals. Rosaspamba has bouquets of wild roses growing at its entrance. Everywhere you turn you can see roses and at the end of the day we sat there talking about roses.

This hacienda has over 800 acres ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 feet. Though deep in the Andes we are only an hour and a half from Quito airport, yet isolated, rich with creeks and water falls and world class views, looking over layer upon layer of green velvet peaks that roll into the distance. This is Ecuador real estate that allows us to be totally remote yet still near a major city.

This Ecuador real estate was originally a sugar cane plantation with groves of oranges, avocados, and lemons as well as endemic and medicinal fruits and plants.

In this Ecuador real estate we live and work above the clouds, in the clouds, below the clouds and sometimes with clouds that just pass right through us.

It is impossible to describe these majestic, mystical, enchanting vistas that literally take your breath away, but we wanted more than just views. So this evening as we sat by the roaring bonfire, we talked about things we could do with the land.

There are numerous ways we can use this Ecuador real estate and the pages that follow outlines explain many reasons beyond love why we recommend owning Ecuador real estate to so many of our readers and have brought thousands of people to this enchanted land. We hope you will enjoy this series of reports as well.


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Some times one picture is worth a thousand words

View from our Ecuador real estate