There was a big fuss a few weeks ago when research showed that the British are much healthier than Americans. Now the Canadians are at it. USA Today just featured an article showing that Canadian people are in much better physical shape than people in the US.

It is hard to live in the US and be healthy. There is an entire system of businesses ranging from fast food to insurance to pharmaceuticals to health systems that make huge profits by keeping Americans sick!

This is one reason why Merri and I love the freedom of being able to live anywhere. We gain health options. Ecuador for example offers many health benefits. First, costs are really low.

Second, there are many scientific health alternatives not available in the US. If you choose to use pharmaceuticals, they cost much less. One reader on his last trip to Ecuador bought three months of the prescriptions he needed. They would have cost him over $3,000 in the U.S. They cost under $500 in Ecuador.

Ecuadorian hospitals specialize in stem cells transplants. They are the first in the world to do it in the heart and have been very successful.

Merri and I prefer the natural approach to health and of course Ecuador excels in this! The nutritional habits there are wonderful as you can see below.

The most important investment we can make is in sound minds and good health! Merri and I spend weeks every year in cleansing routines and at Ayurvedic Clinics to keep our vitality high and thinking clear. We gain better health and reduce stress. Now we are bringing this opportunity to you. Vaidya K.S. Mishra is a special ayurvedic healer who comes from a long heritage of healers. He is a master healer in the eight avenues of healing.

Join us and learn from Dr. Mishra. Relax at the same time. Enjoy our cedar Japanese Ofuru soaking tub (filled with the historic mineral sacred waters). Eat Merri’s simple, healthy, home cooking. Stroll in our mountain meadows, loll by the creek. Smell the wildflowers! To enroll or for more details

Until next message, good health and wealth to you!


Here is our Chef Santiago and server Consuelo with quinoa soup and a quinoa curry. Santiago has also been making a wonderful soup with quinoa balls. Each ball has meat or cheese inside. He also makes excellent quinoa empanadas with meat and cheese fillings.

P.S. The ultimate freedom comes from the ability to earn anywhere in the world. Join us in Ecuador July 7-15 for our next Super Thinking – Super Spanish course. Learn how to learn better. Speak Spanish. Eat Quinoa. FOR MORE DETAILS