In 1999, Merri and I moved to Ashe County and bought 252 acres of land far from town. We paid less than $1,000 per acre. At that time, the farm first of all offered what we wanted from life, but also appeared to me to be good value. Merri and I have made millions by again and again buying real estate we liked that seemed to be good value. DETAILS

Either we have a feel for the pulse of the marketed or are just darned lucky, but look at what our friend and real estate broker, Trey Morison, says in his latest report.

“Howdy everyone,

“I’m only a few weeks away from having a new addition to the family and so I’m trying to get everything in order the chaos that I’m sure will ensue. I was just emailing a gentleman earlier about property values in the area and here is what I wrote…

“I do feel that things are just starting to accelerate here as far as appreciation in concerned. People are taking their profits from Florida and investing them here. There is a new super Wal-Mart in West Jefferson and a Lowe’s hardware is going in next door. These companies have certainly done their homework and would not be investing if they did not believe in the growth potential here. As to vacancy rates, here in Boone I have several college rentals and I have never had any vacancy, but I do manage them myself which I’m sure helps. The appreciation of property is difficult to gauge. It was pretty easy to find land at $2000-4000 per acre when I moved here 9 years ago. Now it is tough to find good land for under $14,000. That’s a pretty good increase and I anticipate similar returns over the next 10 years. There are already places going for over $100,000 per acre. Home sales have increased too but not at that rate. The biggest jump in prices is and probably will be the second home market, so while the rental cabins will be harder to cash flow they will likely appreciate more.”

“After writing that I did a search for new listings and found two new ones that seemed pretty interesting.

“The first one is 12.3 acres for $1,200,000 or $100,000 per acre…

“The second one is 45 acres for only $318,250 or a little over $7000 per acre…

“They do not look too dissimilar to me! But the prices sure are different. One property is near West Jefferson and the other one is in the country near Merrily Farms, but many of the people that are coming up here to buy are often looking for places that are not close to town. They want to be in the country.

“Okay I gotta go and prepare for the new family member for a while! Trey”

There you have it, wonderful land with vast differences in price. This spells opportunity. There are a couple of hundred acres for sale adjacent to our farm as well (the owner is asking in the $5,000 an acre range). If you want to look at property in this area, you can reach Trey at

We have cabins for rent where you can stay if you want to come view real estate in the area. Included in the rental is our office with broadband and free Vonage calls. Send enquiries to

But the other opportunity comparison I want to make is with real estate in Ecuador! We began buying land there at the turn of the millennium as well.

Land is so much less there, the lifestyle wonderful and cost of living so low. If Merri’s and my feel is correct, land prices are going to explode there.

It is my belief that as the standard of living in the US drops, more and more people will move to emerging countries. Ecuador is one of the least known and as such offers great opportunity.

Spanish is the world’s second most important language. Join Merri and me for a week of Quantum Learning in Ecuador. Look at real estate for sale while you are with us at El Meson, Cotacachi, Ecuador. FOR DETAILS

For example here I am riding with our friend Joe Cox on a 225 acre farm, 10 minutes ride from our hotel, El Meson, where the owners are asking less than $1,000 an acre.

Until next message, good international investments to you!