Our messages share many wonderful parts of Merri’s and my life, but there are some secrets we find hard to let see the light of day. We both have an addiction. This I not easy to confess, but you should know. This horrible uncontrollable habit began years ago in a tiny a shop in LaBelle Florida. I remember it so well. The shop is called FlorEllas and was started in the 30s and owned by two wonderful 80+year old women named Flora and Ella. They were grand masters at baking pie. Not just pie. PIE!

I cannot honestly say that this is pie like mom used to make. It was far better. The addiction ranges in many forms, chocolate, banana creme, lemon, key lime meringue. Not just meringue but MERINGUE! The five inch solid stuff that cuts well with the fork and slides down like silk. Fortunately LaBelle was about a hundred miles from our home when we lived in Florida. This was a good barrier, a form of protection from this unusual lust for FlorElla pie. Yet more and more the yearnings came and reasons for little trips to LaBelle grew. We even bought our last car in this little town. The dealer there offered the lowest price we could get on the same car was our excuse but of course while the car was being serviced we popped over to FlorElla’s for a piece of pie.

Some would say we even moved to live in North Carolina and Ecuador to escape this calorie loaded desire.

Now if you think this story is about to have a happy ending with pie free winter lives in Ecuador thousands of miles from FlorEllas’. Stop reading now! If you believe in safety in the distance, you are about to be disillusioned. May I now add that if you to have a weakness that could lead to a pie addiction and plan to join us in Ecuador, do not read further.

On our last trip to Otavalo at the market (this is the largest native market in South America) we stopped on the corner of Juan de Salinas and Modesto Jarmillo and spied a little shop named “Shanandoa – the Pie Shop”. This sounded innocent enough and we were curious so we ventured inside. There to our wretched horror we found FlorElla’s pie and more. Chocolate, lemon meringue, apple, strawberry, blackberry and then even an exotic touch…the miserable naranjilla meringue pie.

Even worse the price is only a buck for a real, heart stopping, delicious crusty piece. You have been warned! If you are thinking of joining us in Ecuador and have an addictive personality and love pie, DO NOT COME. We may not just be addicts but could be carriers of this serious disease. So if you choose to ignore this warning and the wretched dangers of naranjilla pie, then we invite you to the Shanandoa Pie Shop (which much to our horror and discomfort is near the new hacienda we are buying?  Take care.

And have good investing!


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