Another great way to learn, improve your health and have fun is to visit our hotel El Meson de las Flores and eat at the Quinoa Cafe.

Fun? There can be no doubt that this place is a hoot. The horseman in the photo below proves it!

Good food? Here is what another delegate who just visited us wrote:

“Dear Gary: I would like to recommend Meson De Los Flores to anyone who visits Ecuador. I spent a breakfast and lunch in the court yard and it truly was a surreal experience. The decor and ambiance alone were worth the price of the meals. The atmosphere was very peaceful and healing. The music and the yellow and orange canaries made me want to stay and linger a bit more. The waiter and other people there radiated friendliness and made me feel at home. I also met Steve Marchant and found him very friendly and helpful. You truly chose a great place to live. Cotacachi is a clean and delightful city and the shopping for leather goods was a cost saving experience. I found three cities in Ecuador that I particularly would like to live in and Cotacachi is one of them. There is no better restaurant near the leather shops than the one at Meson De Las Flores !!! Brad”

You can save a bundle in Ecuador as well as have fun. Get your dental work done in Ecuador and be thankful costs are so low while quality is so high.

Here is what a delegate who is thankful just shared: “Gary, You may have helped save the life of my friend today, in Reno, NV. in the financial services business who makes a lot of money (notice I didn’t say successful, that would imply a balanced life). He is dying. What’s killing him is all his negativity, judgements, having much of his attention on himself and no attitude of gratitude. He’s only 58 years old, 5 years younger than me. I have more good health than I know what to do with because I am thankful for all the wonderful contribution to my life and fabulous wisdom you have dispensed my way over the past 10 years or so.

“I have serious dental work to be done and in my affirmations and visualizations I see myself sitting in your English speaking dentist’s chair in Ecuador right now having my dental work done at a fraction of the cost the good dentist down the street wants to charge me. I also see perfect timing so I can come to your Ecuador seminar down there and show off my new teeth. I am grateful beyond description. Thank you again. Best regards, Cam”

Wow that’s something I want to hear your story of what you are most grateful for but never thought the gratitude would be for me!

How about that! We can save lives sharing our thanks. Please remember to send me a note telling me the story of what you are most thankful for. Also join us for our Super Thinking – Super Spanish course. Enjoy Ecuador and the sun! See real estate for sale. Inspect the great markets as you learn how to learn better and also speak Spanish. For details go to

Until next message, good natural health, wealth and international investments!


P.S. Please tell me. Can a country that produces photos like this be anything but fun? I am thankful that life still has things that are strange and bizarre!