Emerging markets may have lost some value. Not all emerging countries have not lost their beauty though, not Ecuador at least. Also, consider that reduced emerging currencies makes emerging market real estate especially cheap! Let’s be thankful for that!

On the subject of thankful, here is another thankful story from a reader.

“Gary, Three years ago I was unexpectedly fired by my brother. I had worked with him for almost 20 years, starting with just a hope and a dream. The business was a radiant floor heat and had grown to a decent size. One day my brother came up to me and said, ‘I hate to tell you this but you have to leave’.

“Leave, where do you need me to go?’ His response was, ‘No, you need to understand. You are through here. You no longer work for this company.’ I was in shock.

“First I was in disbelief and tried to talk with him. He was a closed book. I got angry and didn’t know what to do. I needed to find the reason in this circumstance that would propel my life forward. I realized it truly was my brother’s business. I went to his house, threw my arms around him, told him I loved him and that I was not going to let business come between the closeness we have as brothers, wished him well and went on my way. We remain great friends and support each other in our lives.

“I now have my own Wine Tour Business in beautiful Napa Valley and work just 10 days a month. In the remaining time we visit a small house we bought on 3 acres in Ecuador, plus an ocean view lot in Mexico. We have 10 lots we are developing. I have visited my son in Guatemala five times and may buy a little piece there. This could have been a disaster in my life. Now many times I just lift up my head to the sky and say ‘ I am so grateful for life.’ I have never been happier. I look forward to everyday as a new adventure. No matter what occurs, I know life unfolds in perfect harmony, even if I don’t always understand. Life is good.” Larry from California.

Please send me your story about thankfulness.

Here is also another shot of the beauty of San Pablo Lake. I am thankful every time I see it! Join us in the Andes this July.

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