Alkalinity can be helped enormously by eating organic foods. As the world realizes, this it creates many opportunities in Ecuador where they have such good soil. This makes growing organically easier to do. However like here in the Blue Ridge the way one should not to compete head on with farmers who have thousands of acres of totally flat fields. Special areas where you can add value make more sense.

For example, about ten minutes from El Meson de las Flores a doctor friend of ours is running an organic vineyard. We have organic wine tastings with each of our groups. He HHHcurrently produces 10,000 bottles year divided into white, red and rose. He is going to expand to 40,000 bottles and this presents an opportunity.

However this is not all. The doctor has created an organic Swiss cheese factory. On our last trip, Merri and I sat on a broad veranda, looked over lush mountains and enjoy a glass of wine and some of this delicious cheese that is identical to Emmenthal. The doctor even brought a Swiss cheese master in to set up the operation and train the staff. He even built a rock cave with controlled temperatures for the cheese. We do not drink alcohol often nor eat a lot of cheese, but that was a rare treat!

Learning Speaking Spanish is fun! Join us for our Super Thinking – Super Spanish course. Enjoy Ecuador and the sun! See real estate for sale. Visit the winery and cheese factory. Enjoy a wine tasting and shop in the great markets. Laze in the warm thermal pools, all fun ways to learn Spanish. We only have one more space for this class. For details go to