Merri and I found Ecuador and changed our entire lives when I was age 49 (the beginning of the seventh, seven year cycle). Surprise. Surprise. We took a year and lived with Andean shamans in an entirely different way. This change has redirected our activity and lives. For example our hotel El Meson is not included in the portfolio above. This is in a foundation and the hotel operation is to finance helping the poor and all the profit there goes back to help the poor. This brings a different (and richer) type of profit!

On the subject of Ecuador and enjoying your investments, here is a Hacienda near us for sale that has its own hot springs!

The Hacienda San Francisco is a picturesque lodge where visitors have been coming for years to relax in the countryside, improve their health, and enjoy a unique vacation. It has has been in the Freile Larrea Family since 1640, and is just now for sale.

If you are interested in haciendas this one is rich with the history of the region. There is extraordinary beauty along the 30-minute ride on cobble stone roads. The hacienda is nestled high in the countryside and its thermal baths, are said to promote good health. There are many miles of trails nearby, a pool restaurant, outdoor tables, lounge chairs, tennis courts and a special area for barbecues. Asking price $200,000.

See Hacienda San Francico! Join Merri, me and Steve Marchant this July in Ecuador. Learn to learn better. Learn Spanish. See the hacienda, thermal spas, famous markets and much more. Go to

One picture of the hacienda is below. You can see an entire picture gallery and more details at