• Part #1: See how ancient thinking can make money for you now. Own property and land in safe, happy places.
  • Part #2: Discover sweet profits in wealth and health.
  • Part #3: Here’s a hot shot at profits from cool water that was up 180% just last month!

Merri and I selected the village of Cotacachi as our winter home because opportunity abounds. Yet there is much more. This is our home and the headquarters of our foundation because it is noted as one of the world’s most progressive humanitarian areas.

The mayor of Cotacachi, Economist Auki Tituana Males is the first indigenous Mayor of Cotacachi since the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors 500 years ago. He is a trained economist and one of the first things he did was institute a program so all the people of the region could be heard.

The area boasts a focus on being multi-ethnic and hosts a population that is 35% mestizo, 5% black (5%), and 60% indigenous.

The Canton’s motto is that of the indigenous community. For a worthy, productive and solid Cotacachi, the main duty and responsibility is “AMA QUILLA, AMA LLULLA, AMA SHUA”


How refreshing! Don’t we wish our nation lived by this code? This simple but profoundly powerful plan has worked… in November 2000, the United Nations granted Cotacachi the International Prize for “Best Practices”….In November 2001, the Interamerican Forum for the Rights of the Childhood and Youth, granted Cotacachi the national Prize “The Dreamer Goblin”, for work with the Cotacachean youth….In March 2002 UNESCO granted Cotacachi, the International Prize for “Cities for Peace”, for its democratic work and its intercultural dialogue in search of peace.

The main plaza in Cotacachi is 66 steps form our hotel.

This is the kind of place where the people are energetic, hard working and sweet! This is an ideal haven of safety to enjoy while part of the world falls apart.

This is good for investing but there are other reasons why Merri and I believe real estate in this area offers such great potential.

One is also incredible export opportunity ranging from Otavalo, the largest indigenous market in South America (15 minutes away). Another is Cotacachi itself as an amazing leather village. Intag Cloud Forest is just down the road and there is bird watching, hiking cycling, nature tours and so much more.

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Part #2: Intag also creates healthy ideas as well as profits.

Intag is also an area where a great deal of free trade, organic coffee (a great anti oxidant) is grown. Keep your eyes open because I believe you’ll see more and more scientific evidence coming out that coffee (like organic cocoa) is a new health drink!

How wonderful to have a business in a place where the sun always shines, the people are sweet and you can make money as you help reduce poverty.

On the subject of organic cocoa, a reader sent this note.

“Gary, don’t know if you are aware of this site or not. This is where I get my cacao nibs.”

This note said that www.rawfood.com now offers new 2.5-lb bags of raw chocolate powder so you make your own raw chocolate drinks in just seconds!

“Nature’s First Law Cacao Powder is the world’s only raw organic, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder.

The site claims that their food has 100% pure love. 100% pure sensual joy. No chemicals, no hexane, no solvents.

“You can get vitamins, minerals and antioxidants if you add organic cacao powder to your favorite drinks, smoothies, teas, coffee, protein drinks, desserts or anything else you can think of, even goes great on top of fresh fruit.

“Nature’s First Law’s raw, organic, cacao powder has a delightful, full, antioxidant-rich chocolate flavor.”

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Part #3: Up 180% in one month, a hot shot at profits from cool water.

Our sites have recommended investing in water technology for more than half a decade. Now as water shortages are growing everywhere this makes increasing sense.

A recent article by Juliette Jowit of England’s Observer entitled “Hosepipe ban as UK water crisis deepens” confirms this.

The article explains that Britain’s biggest water company was announcing a hosepipe ban as England’s drought reached crisis levels.

Four more water companies were expected to start or extend bans, meaning 15 million people would face restrictions. Millions would not be able to use water for non-essential uses from fountains to the cleaning of trains.

The article said:

“Two dry winters have left levels of ground water, essential to keep rivers flowing, dangerously low. Last year was the third driest on record; drier than 1976, when water companies had to put standpipes in the streets. Parts of some smaller London rivers are dry, and the Environment Agency warned low flows could cause mass fish deaths and problems for boats getting up the Thames.”

The article also said that if the ban did not obtain necessary savings water would be turned off and customers forced to collect water from tanks in the streets. Thames Water Company, which has eight million customers from Kent to Gloucestershire, starts the first ban in 15 years beginning 3 April. Other companies may extend bans in place since last summer.

In the long term, suppliers forecast demand will keep rising.

The article also stated: “Folkestone and Dover Water has just become the first company in Britain given ‘water scarcity’ status, allowing it to impose meters on all customers, and other authorities may follow suit. Other proposals include more reservoirs, a desalination plant, and massive transfer schemes from wetter parts of Britain to the south. Low rainfall and high population density mean the south east of England has less water per head than Sudan.

“Peter Ainsworth, the Conservative’s shadow environment secretary says “It’s a crisis, there’s no question about that. What [water companies] don’t know is whether we’re seeing a long-term trend influenced by climate change, or it’s just a one in a hundred [year event].’

“Thames Water denied the shortages were solely due to huge leakages from its mostly Victorian pipes, which waste one third of water traveling from reservoirs to taps. The company is spending £1bn over five years replacing and fixing pipes.”

You can read the entire article

We can see enumerable opportunity in this article ranging from reservoir building to pumping to desalination to pipe replacement. I believe that fortunes will be made in all types of water investments that range from conservative to highly speculative.

One really speculative idea that caught my attention was the penny shares in the company AquaCell Technologies (Traded OTC as AQUA). I do not invest in penny stocks but know that many investors do and make huge profits. I can see why because AquaCell technologies shares rose +138% in the last month!

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Remember this is a penny stock. It may have rose from a penny to nearly three. One seller could also cause the price to drop….but there appears to be some value here that for speculators is worth a shot.

AquaCell is based in Rancho Cucamonga, California and manufactures and markets nationwide the only patented system that permanently attaches a five-gallon water bottle to a traditional water cooler, creating a completely closed system called the Purific Water Cooler.

The system has a special filtration system and automatically refills a permanently attached five-gallon bottle with freshly filtered and purified water every time water is dispensed.

The company’s clients are primarily Fortune 500 corporations that save big bucks by avoiding bottled water and having to change, and store bottled water deliveries.

What I like is that the company has an alliance with Roto-Rooter Plumbers for nationwide installation, so they can market without the use of distributors.

These shares are volatile though! They were traded as AQA on the American stock exchange. The share price went from 3 cents to 7 before they crashed and burned. Then the company delisted its common stock at $.001 par value effective at the opening of business on February 10, 2006

I suspect that investors who bought in after that delisting are happy now. If you are a speculator and like investing in water, this share could bring more than a drop in the bucket!

You can learn more at http://www.aquacell.com/

Until next message, may all your international investments be as valuable as water!


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