• Part #1: Here’s an investment that offers opportunity as it removes stress.
  • Part #2: Beware of medical studies. See why.
  • Part #3: See one way you can use publishing to gain travel, freedom and profit.

International investments can be fun and help you enjoy life more. Here is a message from our friend, Steve Marchant, about why Ecuador real estate makes sense way beyond the greenbacks.

Steve writes: “Quito has 5 large shopping malls that satisfy all consumer desires. Quicentro, is a perennial favorite.

“CCI is another large mall that I prefer. There is a 6 screen cinema showing the latest Hollywood releases, (a month behind U.S releases), and a small ice rink full of stumbling locals.

“Most malls have at least one large flagship department store akin to a Sears and maybe a hundred to two hundred other stores selling everything. Recently a new arrival in Quito couldn’t quite hide his astonishment. ‘The malls make you feel at home,’ he said. ‘The fast food chains you know and love or hate, stores filled with brand name clothes and appliances that you recognize. There is ample parking space filled with SUVs and Japanese imports. You could be just about anywhere in the States, except the weather is always sunny and warm, but never hot.’

“I don’t go to the malls often but do visit the flagship department store called Casa Tossi in the CCI mall every 2 or 3 weeks. I meet a good Ecuadorian friend for coffee in the store’s smart restaurant. It’s a large imposing 2 story white-washed building. Coffee is served by uniformed waiters in silver coffee pots with piping hot water, a glass of sparkling mineral water, and great chocolate (always eaten). There is no need for refills. They bring enough coffee and water for 3 cups. There is a great view outside through the floor to ceiling windows. The coffee delicious. The price? 72 cents.

“You see smartly dressed women on shopping trips, family luncheon outings after a visit to the spacious nearby park, a group of business people huddled over coffee and humitas (a favorite sweet snack made from corn) and maybe the odd clandestine lovers meeting for lunch.

“Today as my friend and I chatted his eyes opened wide and he smiled. The leading candidate in next fall’s presidential elections, Leon Roldos, had walked into the room with his wife and a couple of friends. ‘Where are his bodyguards?’ I asked. He explained that candidates would never need bodyguards. ‘Won’t he be a target for wackos?’ I asked. ‘Not at all as long as he takes a little care where he goes. This is true of all candidates’.

“The probable next president of this country sat just 2 tables from us and had a Sprite and chicken salad. As Senor Roldos was leaving my friend shook his hand and wished him good luck. Senor Roldos took my friend’s hand and shook it firmly before waving in my direction. And off he went, with me still wondering if this would be possible in my homeland, England, or other so called ‘civilized’ countries.”

Picture of Modern Quito

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Steve’s note shows clearly why Ecuador offers value and a better life if you want a continually, friendly, inexpensive place to live. You gain great real estate value and reduce stress.

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Part #2: Thoughts about stress leads to a Health Tip.

Recently a message looked at an announcement about Saw Palmetto by Natural Standard, a source of data on alternative medicine. They claimed that an effective study showed that this extract used for enlarged prostates and urinary tract problems, is no more effective than a placebo.

Many readers have disagreed including this reader who gives us some powerful food for thought about any health study.

“Gary, As a 10 year veteran in the direct medical research field in a large research university, there are two things I always keep in mind regarding any published information discounting the effectiveness of a non-traditional herbal therapy: 1. Who or what entity funded the study that was published? and 2. Does the funding entity have a connection however vague to the pharmaceutical alternative to the non-traditional therapy? Another thing I look at is where the study was published. If it was published in the US, then I suspect that it is probably biased in favor of the funding entity. The reason is simple economics. If the funding entity likes what you report, then it may fund you again for more research.

“Call me the perpetual cynic but in my field of work I have seen data get mysteriously lost from being reported when a profit motivated entity funds the research and the results of the research aren’t what the entity wanted to hear.

“If you want research information that is less biased, look globally not just in the US. The free enterprise system is great for most things but it can cloud the issue of honest, unbiased research when the profit motive plays a large part.”

This is good advice as we try to thread through a minefield of information to figure out how to live in good health.

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Part #3: Here’s a business tip that can increase freedom.

One way to enhance any business is through self publishing. We have been showing readers for years how to expand their business globally. You can publish things in your travel or use publishing to create clients in places where you want to go.

Here is how one real estate agent in Florida has used this tip to attract Canadian, English as well as local buyers.

“Gary, Love your new format with photos. Would like to join you in Ecuador next month. Following is another testimonial as to how I feel about both of you.

“I want to say thank you for the inspiration and encouragement that I received through your writing course. I recently published a 28 page booklet “Naples is Priceless,” whichis being distributed through the Chamber of Commerce, banks, hotels etc. With over 25 years as a Naples Realtor this booklet offers knowledge and inside tidbits about this beautiful area. To read this publication go to “Naples Is Priceless“. Again, thank you for helping me develop my potential. Micky”

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Until next message, good international investments and natural health to you.


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