Ecuador real estate offers potential for things money cannot buy.

Ecuador is called a third world nation which means that feel this is a poor place. In dollars and cents, maybe, but there is more Ecuador real estate potential than you would expect. There are some things that money cannot buy as you can see on the following pages.

The image on this page comes from pictures I took in Ecuador and shows what an incredibly beautiful and inspiring place this is.

There are so many wonders in Ecuador. So many sights and sounds create Ecuador real estate potential. One of them is flowers! Here is Merri and me in the gardens of Hostria La Sieniga.

This is where Baron Von Humbolt (discovered Galapagos and invented the metric system). These gardens are full of geraniums, but you can get just about any type of flower there. A recent article in National Geographic pointed out that Ecuador is now one of the largest flower exporters in the world because the sun and varied altitudes creates innumerable microclimates so any type of flower can grow. This picture was taken in the gardens at La Sieniga which is in an area of excellent Ecuador real estate potential

There we were, middle of the winter, soaking in the Ecuador sun, thinking about Ecuador real estate potential and things that money cannot buy such as 365 days a year of direct sun so near the USA.

This is only available in Ecuador. No matter whether you are rich or poor you can gain Ecuador real estate potential.

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Some times one picture is worth a thousand words.

Gary and Merri in gardens of Hostria La Sieniga as they look for Ecuador real estate potential.