Here is a final thanks for today.

“Hey Gary, Being thankful is a great topic! For me, I have learned that an attitude of gratitude is necessary for me to live a useful and contented life.

There is a spiritual axiom that says ‘Grateful people are happy people. And those that aren’t, aren’t.’ Having gratitude can be equated to having a God-attitude. With that, I’m grateful for what God has given me and what he has taken away. I’m grateful that I haven’t had a drink since January 21, 1999, and that the obsession has been removed. I’m grateful that I’m of sound mind and physical health and can actively participate in the market place each day to build lasting wealth. And I’m grateful for my beautiful Wife, Maribel, and all my family and friends. Best regards, I’m currently working through your self-publishing program — It’s Gold. I’ll let you know when I launch my business.”

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