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Ecuador Real Estate Archive XVII

To help you get a feel of Ecuador real estate we have posted this special archive that lists many of the hundreds of messages we have shared with our readers about Ecuador real estate this decade.

Ecuador Opportunity

Its wonderful more than one place you love. So while Merri and I are in North Carolina we often yearn to get back to Ecuador (and vice versa). We crossed the Atlantic every 3 weeks year in and year out and now we find that we are happier staying put in one place or another!

With its low cost of living, dramatic bio-diversity, sweet people and easy access to the USA, this is still a great place to be. However real estate prices are rising, so as I have warned several times this last year, this may the last opportunity to easily find really bargain basement prices for Ecuador property.

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We have continual Ecuador real estate tours.

I hope to see you in Ecuador. Until then, good investing!


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