The Western model is one of the silliest lifestyles of all. Imagine this. Spend your whole life saving up money so you can retire. Make yourself so ill in the process that all the savings get spent on medical costs so the retirement is no fun at all!

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This is why we are focusing on Ecuador, a place we love. It’s a wonderful peaceful country, low cost living with a difference and opportunties abound. Yet they do some silly things as well as the note from our man in Ecuador Steve Marchant writes:

“Gary, As we know, the indigenous are very sweet, friendly and kind people who wouldn’t say boo to a goose…..normally. But, in Cotacachi for one day of the year, during the second weekend of the Inti Raymi festivities there are quite a few fights. There are two bands of indigenous in and around Cotacachi, those from La Calera and those from near and around Quiroga. It’s said that bad blood has existed between these two bands since Incan times. Those from Quiroga had a sacred bull back then but somehow the locals from La Calera managed to steal and then kill the bull. This then is the pretext for the fights that take place but also there is another reason. It is widely believed that during the festival blood must be spilt to acquiesce the Gods – otherwise the following years harvest will not be very good. The men often wear cowboy chaps made from leather and finished with goat’s hair. The more goat’s hair the better – to lessen the blow as one is kicked by your neighbors – just this one day of the year!”

Here is a shot of the goat hair chaps from Steve. I guess the West does not have a total lock on silliness! Must be part of the human trial!

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Until next message, may all your silliness be laced with joy!