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We recently shared this note from Steve Marchant, our man in Ecuador:

“Gary, I spent a couple of hours helping a guest who had an insect bite that became infected. We went to the hospital by taxi – $1. Waited half an hour in emergency, then a very sweet lady doctor and slightly sterner but also very pleasant nurse proceeded to clean and disinfect the wound on the swollen leg. Cost of treatment – $3 !! (It’s so low you feel kind of embarrassed paying). Then we were led by the nurse to the in-hospital pharmacy and bought anti-biotic pills, an antibiotic cream and a painkiller – total $5.10. Then we were shown out of the hospital and jumped back in a cab for El Meson – another $1. Grand Total $10.10. In the US this would have cost $150 for similar attention before any medicines were bought. That’s inflation busting – Ecuadorian style!”

A reader from the US just replied.

“Hi Gary, Just a quick story to compare hospital rides. I think Steve mentioned in a recent article that a cab ride to the emergency room in Ecuador was about $1. Recently my dad fell and broke his hip. An ambulance took him to the hospital about 3 miles away. I just paid the bill today. Luckily he has good insurance and it cost him $149. The total bill was $1200 and $1000 was for the ride and the other $200 was for oxygen and some other item. I told him I could fly from Colorado to Ecuador roundtrip for $1200 or less. If I fall and break something I’m flying to Ecuador and Steve can call me a taxi to get me to the hospital. At least I get my money’s worth.”

This is one reason Merri and I, plus many of our readers enjoy Ecuador. You don’t have that feeling that every time you turn around someone is trying to take you for a ride!

Until next message, good rides and international investments to you!


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