One of our projects at El Meson de las Flores is a children’s Spanish/English lending library. Here is what the reader who kick started this project just wrote.

“Pam just came home from Unity and brought 7 educational DVD for children and 18 video Disney tapes. These were all like new. One of the women at Unity knows someone at Blockbuster and is going to see them and see if the will give her their used children’s DVDs. The total collected including the books in Ecuador is now at 755. YEA! Merri, Let me know who might be willing to take some books to Ecuador and I will box them up and get them to them. I am really excited. Have a GREAT day, David”

Our man in Ecuador, Steve Marchant, replied: “Dave, from this end, last week I went with Lucia our administrator and we had a meeting with the head nun at the local convent school. The result is that next Monday/Tuesday (to be confirmed by the Sister) she will come to El Meson with another teacher who will be the co-ordinator and liaison between us and the children, also, one or two parents from the parent teacher committee and also 5 childen representatives from the children´s ´government. This should prove interesting indeed and we too are excited here.

“Next, I hope we can provide a kind of learning centre for them and dvds and videos etc would be very useful for that. Keep up the good work – hey! maybe we should check out the container rates – Miami-Guayaquil if you carry on like this!!”

We are very thankful for these books as are the Ecuadorian children below. Please write and tell me what you are thankful for!

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Until next message, be thankful!


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