There is beauty in inner Quito and Ecuador real estate

Recently after looking at the five bedroom Ecuador real estate coastal mansion for sale (see a reader wrote with concerns about security in Ecuador because as he noted, “all the homes seem to be surrounded by walls”.

Ecuador Real Estate Tradition

I pointed out that keeping beauty within is very much the Latin, Southern European way, prevalent in Spain, Italy, Portugal, points south and all of Latin America, not just with Ecuador real estate.

Then it occurred to me that everything I have been sharing shows the skin of Ecuador and nothing within. Yet it is the inner beauty that makes this land such a wonderful place. The formal exterior of Ecuadorians sometimes hides the warm friendly nature of the people. This is reflected in its architecture and of Ecuador real estate.

Ecuador Real Estate Example

For example this picture is of our friend William Papke in the inner court yard of Patio Hotel Alandaluz in Colonial Quito. This is a plain building on the outside but so comfortable and with such beauty within.

Patio Alandaluz Hotel is a great example of Ecuador real estate and tourism opportunity. Grand buildings with incredible architectural details are available at rock bottom prices.

As in all things, wherever you go, whether looking at Ecuador real estate or anything, this is where our search should be, within. Look deep, look within yourself and look for the true nature of the people. We live in turbulent times of war, hate, greed and runaway materialism so most of us have developed touch exteriors just to survive.

Yet there is more beauty within than we can imagine and no one can put down the goodness of mankind, if you look for and expect it.

May all your journeys be filled with surprising courtyards of stunning inner beauty


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