Ecuador real estate prices make you ask….Would you prefer a small condo in Naples Florida or?.

Postage stamp pueblos that fade in mountain horizons where village life scurries over verdant checkerboard squares. Andean winds whisper sweet spring songs through a Eucalyptus grove filling sweet, pungent scents in the clear air. Fresh waters that drown the silence and rushes to the ancient canyons and green valleys below.

At a hacienda 6 minutes from Cotacatchi, a clear stream runs along creating a border nearly a mile long. Thick green grass, a soft carpet for afternoon naps, rolls to the river bottom, a rushing brook that waits to refresh. This hacienda 117 hectares (about 280 acres) is in a famous spot. Behind, the land the paramor of Mt. Cotacatchi rises fertile in its antiquity. Across a broad valley Mt. Imbabura grows as you rise renewing ever more majestic views. Mt. Mohando stands stately to the right, the child of these ancient valcanos. Three small streams run in gradual slopes down though the land and reach a new two bed room guest house. There are fireplaces in every room a huge 15 foot high garage-storage area. The substantial, old L shaped hacienda has a good kitchen, four bedroEcuador real Estate oms, a two room office and a huge adobe bread oven. There are numerous horse stalls, a duck pond, four Indian burial tolas estimated at 1200 years old and even a bull ring. The main entrance leads with a white trunked eucalyptus lane lined with wild cats claw to a large cobblestone courtyard where chickens and chicks roam with two energetic dogs. The gentle rise of the land peels open broad views of plains cut in yellow and green squares. The three huge mountains play hide and seek in the mists and protect the villages that lay in distance below.  We hope this is our new home, all for the same price as a small condo in Naples Florida. This is one of many reasons we love Ecuador.

We are in the purchasing process of this land now and hope you’ll join us there in February.

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