As expected my recent note about the problems related to building a fence across the Mexican border raised a little ire. I do not think the fence will work. America needs to stop spending its money in foolish ways. I really hope I am wrong because my guess is the fence will be built and will be one more disaster. I hope not.

I believe we need to invest in education, in infrastructure and in making the world a better educated and healthier place where increasing numbers of people have hope instead.

To this end we have started a free children’s lending library at our El Meson de las Flores in Ecuador. I cannot tell you how happy the staff at the hotel are to be able to help the kids there. Readers, their kids and school children from all over the US have been donating books in Spanish and English. We now have 470 books and have set up an entire lending library system. Here is what Steve Marchant, our Man in Ecuador, just wrote to the book donors.

“We here at El Meson are so enthusiastic – the chance to make a difference is something that a lot of us don’t get. Together, the people who offer the books, those who collect them, facilitators like you and me, and the volunteers who administer the library, together, as a team, we can make a big difference in a small community like Cotacachi. Thanks again, Steve”

Here is a shot of some of the kids in Cotacachi who will profit from this library and the free English and computer lessons our foundation is giving there.

My guess is that these kids, given the opportunity and education won’t want to sneak into the US or sneak anywhere. They’ll sit in Ecuador and provide a valuable service to all of us wherever we are in the world. We live in a global economy and these children, like children everywhere, are our future.

Here is the wild thought. What if we put all the money we’ll spend on that fence and patrolling that border into teaching kids how to produce and provide services in their own countries so they would not want to leave? Would that be a better way to solve this problem?

Until next message, good health, business and investing.


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