One reason Merri and I have a business in Ecuador is to fight inflation. There are three fundamentals that help a lot.

First, Ecuador is inexpensive to begin and is situated to benefit from rising US prices. A falling US dollar will make Ecuador’s products more competitive because Ecuador uses the dollar as its currency. Rising oil prices will help Ecuador because it is oil rich. Rising food prices will help this agriculturally rich country as well.

Second, technology makes Ecuador so much more accessible and makes our business so much easier and less expensive to start.

A reader recently told me that they asked the question, “How many volcanoes does Ecuador have” at Google and the website ( was ranked number 2! The internet makes iit easy and inexpensoive to run a business from Ecuador!

This also allows us to turn our passion into profit. We love the people and their sweet and caring nature. Our readers who go there often agree. One reader who lived the last month at El Meson de las Flores just wrote this to our man in Ecuador, Steve Marchant.

“I miss you all and I must say, I have never met a more friendly and kind staff in any hotel around the world during all my travels. What a superb group of people! I LOVE EVERYONE OF THEM! And you have been so kind also. You are such a gentleman and you made me feel recognized.”

There is also exquisite beauty and real estate prices are still low also. There are some bargains located along San Pablo Lake just a few miles from El Meson de las Flores. Here is another picture of the lake below taken by Steve.

Join us for our Super Thinking – Super Spanish course. Enjoy Ecuador and the sun! See real estate for sale. Inspect the great markets as you learn how to learn better and also speak Spanish. For details go to

Until next message good natural health, wealth and international investments!


P.S. We’ll look at real estate for sale one day during the Spanish course as you learn the ins and outs of “Se Vende.”