Picture this-you pull up and the sign says ”Lot for Sale – $50,000”.

Interested? This may not seem like a bad price for a lot until you discover that the lot is actually 120 acres of rich, fertile land.

Very interested? Well, then imagine that you walk the lot and see just one of numerous building sites with this view.

Merri and I and our hound dog just did this. Here we are on one of numerous terrific building sites.

Then imagine learning that you can build a house like this one (being built three miles down the road) for less than $50,000.

Merri and I won’t buy this particular site. We saw another even better deal with a 200 mile view! My camera cannot do it justice.

We won’t buy that either but seeing these properties helped us spot a distortion. There are some incredible bargains along Lake Cuicocha at this time.

We won’t tour real estate on out upcoming Import Export course but we will have some free time for delegates who want to view property like the above or a simple house (below priced at $59,000) located near us.

Our courses help delegates in so many ways that I would like to share a few ideas on how we might be able to help you as I let you see how others have gained.

Delegates at our Import Export course April 23-30 should prepare to be exhausted. We have a jam-packed schedule that takes us to markets and craftsmen all over the countryside every day…but we are not all business.

We will have a free afternoon so you can look at real estate, return to meet craftsmen or visit markets of special interests or relax at La Mirage Spa. Treatments there are special. One of the treatments is a Shamanic Purification Treatment: The Shamana possesses a great vision for medicines in the countryside and in particular, for plants often used-mainly for healing purposes. La Mirage Spa offers the healing powers of a female Shamana who has inherited years of experience from her father a recognized Shaman in this region. The purification room at La Mirage is oriented towards the established indigenous healing practices of Body, Mind and Spirit. Taking these concepts into account, her methods blend relaxation techniques using a float tank, the Shamanic Ritual and Aromatherapy Spiritual Massage. Here she is treating a patient in the flower filled pool.

On the business side one powerful aspect of this course is you learn how to market export products through publishing. You turn market costs in profits centers. This really works as this note from a previous delegate confirms.

“Dear Gary and Merri,

“Without you and your wonderful writing class about six months ago, I would not have been able to see my potential!!  I THANK YOU BOTH!  You told me to write about what I know and I did.  Thank you for all the encouragement.

“Starting today, we are taking orders and I wanted you to be the first to know! I have some exciting news to share!  I have just written my first book and would very much appreciate your help.

“This book shares the ‘insider secrets’ I’ve learned in the past 30 years of catering wedding receptions.  It can help a bride-to-be save hundreds, maybe even thousand of dollars on her wedding.  So, if you know anyone who is planning a wedding, or anyone who knows someone who is planning a wedding, please pass this message along.

“This book would make a great gift for any bride-to-be or even the parents of the bride (especially if they’re paying the bill!) Check it out at SecretWeddingSavings.com I genuinely appreciate your helping me spread the word! Thank you!!”

This delegate can now use her publication (which can make a profit in its own right) to help sell bridal products she imports.

Our February course only touched on Import Export but numerous delegates started making money right away as these readers shared:

“Hi Merri, We arrived home safely. The trip was good. We want to thank you for the wonderful time we had in Ecuador. We learned a lot and our eyes and hearts are opened. I feel alive and excited with all the wonderful opportunities. All we have to do is act upon it and set some more plans in motion. I love Ecuador, what a beautiful country and what an amazing people. Again our thanks!!!!!

The evening Jyske Bank had the cheese and wine reception, we ordered 5 bottles of the Dragon’s Blood from a vendor outside the door. Thank you again for your hospitality and willingness to share yourselves. Hanneke”

Hanneke who has a ballet school in California told us how when she arrived back home one of her students had a bad blister and she used the Dragon’s Blood (an all natural Amazonian herbal remedy). The pain went away immediately and the healing was so fast that the student was back dancing next day. Hanneke is going to export this for the dance industry!”

Here is another delegate who paid for her trip and more!

“Merri, David and I recently came to Ecuador for my birthday celebration and to see you and Gary.  The experience was filled with surprises from soaking in the hot springs, shamanic healing, enjoying beautiful vistas, and bartering in the market place.

“I surprised myself in the market place as I took in the vibrant colors, the aromas of the ethnic foods, and laughter and music.  As I walked about I wanted to touch everything and feel the soft textures.  Normally I am reluctant to barter and often just browse the first time in a market place.  But here I was making my first purchase within five minutes.  I bought a few items for myself and gifts for my family.

“I enjoyed touching and looking at the objects I had purchased and began to think of my many friends and I knew they would be saying, ‘I wish I had one of those!’ The next day I told David that I wanted to go back to the market place again but didn’t tell him my motive.  So back to the market we went and I soon began buying larger quantities of things.  David looked at me and said “What are you going to do with all those shawls?”  I replied, “I’m going to sell them to my friends!”

“And so it is.  We came home and sold enough to pay for two airline tickets back to Ecuador.  What a delightful surprise! Pam”

One of the great experiences about our courses is the international element. At the last course we had delegates from the US, Canada, Germany, Finland, New Zealand, England, The Netherlands and Ecuador. So you can imagine how interesting the conversations around the breakfast, lunch and dinner tables are. Plus at night delegates love to settle down in front of the fire at our juice bar.

Here is what this meant to delegates.

“Hi Merri and Gary, I have now returned to NZ after a few days on the coast and Cuenca. I wanted to say many thanks for a most enjoyable and well-organized course. I am not sure precisely where it will lead but I appreciated the way you were able to get through a great deal of information with an easy grace and humor and also manage to shepherd us all around to see the many interesting things. Well done! I also enjoyed talking with the wide variety of delegates about their stories and aims and am in contact with quite a few (in fact two are heading to NZ shortly!). So all in all a thoroughly enjoyable time and I hope to run across you at some time in the future. Kind regards to you both. Alan from New Zealand.”

Our April Import Export Expedition is the last 2006 course we will have in Ecuador until November.

We hope you’ll join us at Meson de las Flores.