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Manta Ecuador coastal real estate has reaped some rich rewards for many of my readers. Yet there is some great economic news about coastal real estate in Manta Ecuador. Several years ago I began bringing investors to this coastal town telling them it was one of the hottest places around. Merri and I didn’t especially like Manta Ecuador coastal real estate but saw its potential. The U.S. military was bringing in a new base and some of the finest emptiest beaches in the world are near here. I continued bringing investors here through the worst depression in Ecuador’s history, a Presidential impeachment, then a bloodless coup, countless social demonstrations and even a couple of kidnappings on the border. The worse events grew, the more excited about the potential I became.

Now places in the south of Manta that were scrub vegetation and wild are gleaming apartments and housing developments with really attractive and grand homes. Prices for Manta Ecuador coastal real estate have quadrupled and more. There is a new road, new water system and though prices in Manta are still much lower than they will become, the miraculous bargains some of my delegates have enjoyed are gone. Some investors have seen their investments grow two, three, even four times in this last two years and values will rise much more!

But the news gets even better. The airport has been redone (by the U.S. military) and a new road from the airport to the city center has been built.

Manta Ecuador coastal real estate is still an wonderful place to invest, but now the incredible bargains have moved slightly south. I describe them next page.

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Manta Ecuador coastal real estate.