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Safe Ecuador real estate property is another benefit of this beautiful land. The safety you gain while living there is important. The message below about safe Ecuador real estate property from a reader who has been living in Ecuador gives insights to how life in a third world city can be.

“Hi Gary, I just read your response regarding security in Ecuador and I could not agree with you more in reference to tourists not knowing what areas are safe nor how to behave. I also agree with you that Quito is no more dangerous than any other large, urban area in the world.

“I do have a couple more comments that I would to share, and please feel free to share my views with anyone you like. I lived in Quito for three years and only just recently moved back to the U.S. in order to complete my graduate schooling. I am very familiar with all regions of Ecuador and love the people, the biodiversity, the scenery, and the lifestyle. However, I have had my share of security issues and have talked to a lot of other people about this too.

First, of all, walking on the street in Quito is really only a security issue in the Mariscal sector. In these places, criminals have learned that tourists are an easy target and unfortunately hunt down easy-looking prey. Other than this, it is generally not advisable to walk alone or even in small groups at night in other parts of the city as well – especially the parks (but would you walk around in Central Park, NYC at night? – please!)! However, Mariscal can be visited safely by keeping personal belongings tucked in and put away, traveling in groups, keeping a sharp eye out, and staying out of dark corners. Additionally, taxis are very cheap in Ecuador and should be taken advantage of. When going out to bars or dinner in the evening, always take a taxi from one place to the next – even if your destination is only a couple of blocks away. Save your hiking for your weekend trip to Imbabura – the inner city isn’t the place for it! I don’t say that to scare anyone, I feel the same way about Washington, D.C.

“As for living in the Quito area, it can be a wonderful experience if proper precautions are taken. In regards to traveling in Quito, it is generally very safe. The Andean region (Sierra) is basically safe right up to the border.

Sincerely, AH.”

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