Sweet Ecuador People

Sweet Ecuador people give heartfelt sweetness and friendliness without a price. This cannot be faked by the sweet Ecuador people and it is everywhere in Ecuador, hotels, restaurants, tour operators, even my Ecuadorian barber is such a cheerful soul. I somehow feel he will be crushed if my four dollar haircut was not absolutely perfect and to my liking. He wants so badly to please and when I give a dollar tip he makes me feel like I really have made his day.

This is just the nature of the sweet Ecuador people.

Back at the hotel the message therapist (massages range from $12 to 25) has that same aura of wanting to please. I never feel rushed not like the massage ended too soon. Just cared for. Again this is the way of the sweet Ecuador people.

At the hotel Quito, our home away from home, we find that money cannot buy the sweet Ecuador people who care for us. Washington, the bellman picks a rose out of the huge displays that are everywhere and presents it proudly to Merri every day (and picks the color that perfectly matches her outfit). I even watched one of my readers, who has purchased a house outside of town, stop by and ask the manager if he could store a batch of furniture he had purchased but did not have time to ship. “Of course,” the manger smiled, as if furniture storage were just another service in their hotel. This was a natural response of these sweet Ecuador people because there is an inner quality and caring. They laugh instead of bark. Yes is the automatic response of these sweet Ecuador people, instead of no and this easiness is refreshing and makes life good.

Sweet Ecuador people who are tour operators arrive early and call on us the night before to confirm they will be there, This is another something special Merri and I have found here from the sweet Ecuador people. We have taken groups on tours in dozens of countries but rarely see such dedication and pride by the people who serve us on out trips to the equator. The country has a university course in tourism and the tour guides, like the waiters, bellmen and all types of service providers are professionals that are only happy when we are.

This is what Merri and I really love about Ecuador- sweet Ecuador people that give caringly all these many little things that money cannot buy.

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Sometimes one picture is worth a thousand words

Sweet Ecuador people include the kids at an Amazonian village school that our Ecuador business helped support