Tropical Ecuador Property

Tropical Ecuador property offers a lush breakfast and as a morning person this is so important to me. The memories go back to my original travels when I enjoyed colonial breakfast in the Singapore tropics.

This was outdoor dining under ancient fans that traced lazy arcs and coaxed an easy breeze in the warm, humid air. The shafts of morning sun were bright on crisp, white linen. Traveler palms swayed in soft harmony with grackles, katydids and gentle clinks of silver and china. This was Singapore then at The Raffles Hotel which had an outdoor restaurant just next to the Long Bar, home of the Singapore Sling.

Tropical Ecuador property has the same feel, colonized comfort, old fashioned pots of thick marmalade and slightly burnt toast standing in silver racks. Elegant setting, quiet service, genuine waiters dressed in immaculate white. In this ancient Victorian tradition, traditions of tropical Ecuador property are a modern link in a rite this monument had offered for so many generations past.

I first stayed at the Raffles Hotel in 1971 and immediately fell in love with old hotels. Since that time, I have lived, stayed and conducted seminars around the world in such grand ladies, The Mount Washington in New Hampshire, Biltmore Bel Mido in Tampa, Repulse Bay (the old one) in Hong Kong, Green Park Inn in North Carolina to name a few. I enjoy the architectural design, the huge rooms, but mostly it is their ghosts that captivate my heart; the mysteries, events, weddings, inaugurations and festivities that have taken place in these hotels. All these joys and emotions linger. I walk around thinking, feeling and enjoying these blessings of the past. A hopeless romantic? I confess! To me the sense of history, to stand on the spots of great men, women and events gives me a thrill far greater than any new plumbing, spit and polish that a new hotel can bring. I love old hotels. This is one reason why Merri and I have courses in old hotels on tropical Ecuador property.

We begin at the Hotel Quito, our home away from home. The picture below shows Merri and me with our tour operator Santigo Guamany having a breakfast meeting at the hotel’s Techo del Mundo (roof of the world) restaurant.

Gossamer clouds spin in golden webs with the rising sun and we watch this city of snow capped volcanoes come awake. This is tropical Ecuador property at its best.

The Hotel Quito is an Art Deco hotel with outstanding gardens and views that seem to go on forever in every direction. The combination of sweet Indigenous people serving you and Swiss management is great.

In the Cuenca area we stay on the Paute River at Hosteria Uzhupud. This is a small colonial village turned into a guest house, with bull ring, shops, all cobblestones of course. This is a different type of tropical Ecuador property. Glorious Gardens of every color are here. Orchid gardens, hibiscus, frangipani and bougainvillea fill the air with honey sweet scents. Indoor dining in a colonial setting and outdoor dining in courtyards emblazed with color.

We complete this journey at the Hotel Crespo, a small hotel created from a century old colonial house. This tropical Ecuador property features a huge cedar stairway runs up the center and a wooden interior feels like a turn of the century San Francisco boarding house. The rooms have been elegantly refurbished and the gracious dining room overlooks the city.

Each of these are typical of tropical Ecuador property, very comfortable and full of history and charm. They offer a slower, easier, more gracious pace of times past. This slowing down alone is one great way to be healthier and enjoy wealth more!

I hope to see you at a tropical Ecuador property, but if not, consider visiting these hotels on your own when you can.

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Sometimes one picture is worth a thousand words

Tropical Ecuador Property

Gary Scott at virgin rain forest at Hacienda Rosaspamba