Why Ecuador Real Estate

Why Own Ecuador Real Estate? First let’s ask ourselves why we want to own real estate anywhere. Then let me add that Merri and I rarely buy property to make money.

I wrote about our land in Ashe County. We bought there because we loved the laid-back lifestyle, easy-going residents and beauty of the country. We wanted to get away, leave the crowds and surround ourselves with nature. Seems like others have as well. Prices have skyrocketed, though they are still low.

Why did we invest in Ecuador real estate?  Look at our land in Ecuador. This is a truly remote piece of property. We did not buy this as an investment. We bought because we loved the view, the nature, the silence, the fresh air and pure water.

We do not recommend buying Ecuador real estate just to make money. We recommend Ecuador real estate because we love the place. We recommend that people come to Ecuador to see if they love Ecuador and find good value in Ecuador real estate as well. Doing what you love and looking for good value should be part of every investment philosophy.

Visit first and see. If you like what you see, rent some Ecuador real estate first and stay awhile. Then if you have fallen in love, buy. This is what Merri and I do.

More important be sure that you love to travel and enjoy this process so that if for whatever reason you do not find a place you love, you had fun anyway.

In such journeys you may find financial rewards from Ecuador real estate as well. Look at Ecuador real estate below that is for sale on Ecuador’s Pacific.  How’s this for views from your patio?

How’s this for views from your patio?

This gated and walled house on a half acre is on the ocean front, five bedrooms, air conditioning jacuzzi, dish washer, washer and dryer, 3 car garage with chauffer’s quarters, pantry, servant´s quarters, fireplace, plenty of counter space in kitchen and upstairs deck. The asking price is in the $215,000. The cost of this house in Naples, Florida? Probably $10 million. Most places of this size and quality on any US coast would cost a million or more. But the money should just be a part of this.

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How’s this for your house on the sea?

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