Government Fraud?

Merri and I are dedicated to saving rainforests. Here is a picture of virgin rainforest at Hacienda Rosaspamba which Merri and I are donating to Land of the Sun foundation as a wildlife preserve. So you can imagine that we are sensitive to government fraud that could harm forests.

Now here is a question about government fraud.

A bold nattily designed government website proclaims:

“I’ve also ordered the Secretary of State to develop a new initiative to help developing countries stop illegal logging, a practice that destroys biodiversity and releases millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.”

-President George W. Bush, Global Climate Change remarks, February 14, 2002.”

Government Fraud Exposure?

The March 16, 2005, BBC headline says:

“The UK wants G8 nations to ensure all timber bought by its official bodies comes from legal sources. Roger Harrabin reports.

A US plan to block a G8 initiative to stop illegal logging has been revealed in a memo leaked to the BBC’s Newsnight programme.”

To read the entire story on this go to Success Guidelines Best Of The Web Select BBC in the fifth column down titled International Newspapers Latest News in Video and Audio.

My question. Is this government fraud? I would love to hear your answer at

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Gary & Merri Scott hike to isolated virgin forest in
Llangantis with ayurvedic physician Dr. Jay Glaser

Is there Government Fraud
was written by Gary Scott March 16, 2005.