The best international business tax tip is to have some form of real international business. If you do not have any idea on what to do, at least start something small!

International Business Tax Tip Example

Here for example is a European reader who has been using the course International business made EZ. He shared this valuable international business tax tip note.


The last time I made contact was just after I started my Internet business along lines you recommended.

My niche market, successful South African entrepreneurs, is either not interested in my eBook or I am not reaching them!

But because I at least started, I was able to look for other opportunities. It suddenly hit me that I, as well as my son, have access to a network of investors. I made a leveraged property investment in 2002 that is performing extremely well. My friend and partner, who is the developer of the project, is doing another small development this year.

The end result was that I wrote an article for the glossy magazine Property World ME, published in Dubai with a circulation of 65 000, on this small window of opportunity based on my experience. The article will appear in the February edition of the magazine.


Valuable International Business Tax Tip

Here are points about business and investing we should never forget.

Providing a genuine service globally creates the best international business tax advantages. Start something even if you do not have a grand plan.

Life rarely goes according to plan. Someone famous (I cannot recall who) once remarked that to make God laugh tell him your plans.

This reader’s input supports ideas I stress in both my investing and business courses.

#1: You must have a business plan.

#2: You must get started.

#3: You must expect that your plan will not work. Plans are frameworks that help us communicate, organize and give us an original, but they are not maps to follow. Once we start a plan expect to adapt and evolve. Take the lead of fate (or God or your Angels, luck or whatever you wish to call it) and be flexible enough to take opportunity as it comes.

International Business Tax Tip Reality

But if you don’t start and don’t have a plan fate will not assist you, not will you have a path to be flexible from!

This is the secret of business and investing and of gaining international business tax benefits.

So if you have a business or investing idea go for it. Get started, but start small and make your mistakes and adjustments while they are not so large they are fatal.

Until next message, good business and investing.


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Real international business is fun and can bring tax advantages and asset protection. Gary and Merri Scott gain tax advantages as they enjoy developing their healing center in Ecuador