Export Strategies can give you international independence and freedom if you continually look for niche Strategies as you travel.

Many International Independence Export Strategies

Look for example at this some International export ideas Merri and I stumbled across in Ecuador. This international idea was on religious arts products that we purchased and resold. In one case the return exceeded 330% in ten days!

International Independence Export Strategies Cost

Here are a few of the items, what they cost in Ecuador and sold for in just a few months via a small import venture we set up.

The costs below included cost of merchandise, shipping, duties, Customs and advertising.

Santos (religious statues):

* St. Theresa – total cost $300.00 sold for $960.60 net $660.60 – turn around time 1 month.

* Virgin of Quito – total cost $38.00 sold for $156.00, net $118.00 turn around time 3 weeks.

* St. Anne – total cost $42.00, sold for $150.00, net $108.00 – turn around time 3-1/2 weeks.

* Choir angel – total cost $35.00, sold for $115.00, net $80.00 – turn around time 10 days.

Santo vestments:

* Burgundy cope, total cost $18.00, sold for $118.00, net $100.00 turn around time 2 weeks.

* Dark Blue vestment, total cost $15.00, sold for $80.00, net $65.00, turn around time 2 weeks.

*Lot of 5 vestments – total cost $85.00, sold for $300.00 – sold
before purchased!

Christmas ornaments: Sold over 1,000 marsapan ornaments for $1.95 each. Total cost $.25 each, net profit $1.70 each

There are many such examples of how to gain freedom through travel, but these are enough for you to get the idea. Watch for price distortions on things you know and are interested in and you will gain many international independence export Strategies wherever you go!

Why so many religious items you ask? Because our partner there knew that market incredibly well and one of the secrets of such a business is to deal in what you know.

This is a great way to help the poor in this country as well, through capitalism and good business, not charity. Our purchases there helped create work and jobs. Our exports help nations learn about and serve one another.

International business blends your knowledge with your capital to brings you fun, adventure and profit as you travel. There is risk of lost or broken cargo, finding buyers and paying overheads. Some of the niches though very profitable are quite small. You can’t duplicate such buys thousands and millions of times.

But such business can be immensely profitable and the process expands so many horizons and is so much fun. You can learn more and set up your own business in my course International Business Made EZ.

Good global investing!

Gary Scott

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Charles Drace’s popular is a valuable contact in New Zealand and his “How to Profit from the 21st Century Renaissance” presentation was recently featured at DEMOS, the London based think tank that advises the British and Greek governments on future trends and solutions. He was also featured at the British Institute in Florence, Italy giving his ’21st Century’ presentation to a large group of academics and consular staff in a 15th Century Renaissance palace.

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International Independence Export Strategies

International Independence Export Strategies