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Lesson Three
Nostalgic International Marketing Strategies

When I wrote this course, you could buy a house in Quito Ecuador for $2,500. This lesson shows why this made the house a fabulous deal because of nostalgia.

Our friend who was researching Quito property for us found a downtown house on one acre, with a view for $2,500. Here is what he wrote: “Found a place today that is about an acre. Has a 1 room house and a view of the Old City to kill for, and they want $2500. You have to walk up 122 steps to get to it, but that is cheap.”

The reason I was looking at real estate in Old Colonial Quito is because I believe “Old” and “Colonial” are good things to have n tough economic times. This is because old things become more valuable in difficult financial circumstances.

This knowledge can help you use nostalgia in your business and investing.

I started a business during the market downturn of the late 1990s, that offered real estate tours in Old Quito. Colonial Quito is one of the most magnificent pieces of man’s infrastructure that has been almost totally unused and offers a grand Ecuador investment opportunity. You can see why at GaryScott.com

When people are feeling poor they tend to look back at the “Good Old Times”

That business did so well, that Old Quito real estate became expensive when the stock market and Western real estate boomed. So I switched the tours to small Ecuador village real estate.

Markets were booming again. People felt rich. They wanted to get away.

Nostalgia sells well especially in bad creates.  Escape sells well in busy high stress “seemingly affluent times.”

Nostalgic International Marketing Strategies in England

England for example, was going through a tough economic time when this course was written and this spawned an entire industry called “School Disco” that swept the UK. Singers from the 80s were suddenly back in demand. Why? Graduates from the 80s had seen their job market and times turn tough so they have started looking back to the good old times!

Nostalgic International Marketing Strategies From Russia

We saw Nostalgia creeping into the U.S. market at that time as well. For example one catalog company used powerful nostalgic themes when it mailed huge amounts of the Soviet Collection, a glossy 56 page, four color collection of stuff made in Russia (you could buy a genuine Soviet spacesuit for $17,500).

Why the attention to this era?

Apparently when economic times in the U.S. were bad even the cold war era seemed like a “good old time”.

Nostalgic International Marketing Strategies Letter

One reader wrote to me:

“Gary, I have thousands of styles in my business and am well known by wholesalers for having many old and nostalgic styles of jewelry. Sales to  wholesalers and stores are good but sales at our own in-store displays, shows and stores are poor. What seems to be happening is that the customers are spending fewer total dollars and are buying things which are cheaper and which remind them of better times. We sell more ring styles which were popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s to the late teens and early twenties group than to their parents or anyone in between.”

One way to profit from these nostalgic international marketing Strategies is to own things (business-investments-real estate-etc.) related to nostalgia. We’ll look at another interesting aspect of human nature and how it attracts buyers to why colonial property, nostalgia and old time values in tomorrow’s lesson.

Until then may all your nostalgic international marketing Strategies be good.

Gary Scott

Gary and Merri Scott look for nostalgic international marketing Strategies in native market. See why at GaryScott.com

Here is a link for more nostalgic marketing ideas NostalgiaCentral.com

International Marketing Strategies and Strategies

This site shows the power of nostalgic marketing as it offers more than 41,000 original items for sale from current-release theatrical movie posters to lobby cards from the silent era—and just about everything in between.

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