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Lesson One
International Marketing Sales Strategies

Spotting the connections between human nature… human activity past and international marketing sales strategies can help learn how to  zero in on better ways to reach a clientele.

International Marketing Sales Ideas Foundation

To understand the very foundations of international marketing sales strategies we need to look how the industrial revolution has affected mankind. I have written often about how the economic evolution outlined by Austrian economist, Joseph Schumpeter, shows how innovation created industrial revolutions that alter the way we live, work and earn and keep money. You can learn more about him at here.

Each shortened our dimensions of time and space through five great economic eras that began in the late 1700s:

International Marketing Sales Ideas Eras

ERA #1: 1785-1845-fueled by water power-60 years. Textiles and iron works were the backbone of growth industries.

ERA #2: 1845-1900-fueled by steam-55 years. Railways and steel provided the main growth in this era.

ERA #3: 1900-1950-fueled by the internal engine-50 years. Electricity and chemicals provided the major growth.

ERA #4: 1950-1990-fueled by electronics-40 years. Petrochemicals and aviation were the innovations which became mainstream in this period

ERA #5: 1990-current-fueled by digital networks- 30 years+ ? Software and new media create the growth elements in this era.

International Marketing Sales Strategies Shifts

Everything is about to change yet again! The billionaires of today are likely to be the “has beens” of tomorrow and this is happening sooner than anyone can imagine. Never before has an old boys’ network been overturned so fast. The railway and oil magnates of the first and second era dominated the world’s wealth for centuries. Electronics, car and airline multimillionaires lasted perhaps 50 years. The Internet and communications wealth will be overshadowed in as little as a decade.

Add this all up.


Change in access to markets.

Change in access to information.

Change in ability to plan, organize and sell.

Th beauty of the internet is that anyone can take advantage of these new opportunities as times change.

Without change no one could get ahead!

Change is our best freond… our weapon that allows us to move ahead.

To spot the best ways to gain international marketing sales strategies that make money in the future, look for innovations that truly alter the way we deal with space and time in large or small ways. You can see how this impacts markets at GaryScott.com

One way we can diminish time and space is through quantum mechanics and there are two ways this will happen. We’ll look further next lesson.

Until then may all your time be filled with joy.

Gary Scott

One way to cash in on change is by marketing with Nostalgia.

People want what they percieve they have lost.

Here is a case study of a successful international marketing plan.

Charles Drace, one of our freinds and readers, has zeroed in on the problem of what we have lost in food.

You can see how he has accomplished this at Satori.cc

Charles’s message has reached globally.  His “How to Profit from the 21st Century Renaissance” presentation was recently featured at DEMOS, the London based think tank that advises the British and Greek governments on future trends and solutions. He was also featured at the British Institute in Florence, Italy giving his ’21st Century’ presentation to a large group of academics and consular staff in a 15th Century Renaissance palace.

Combining good international investing with the greatest asset of all, the ability to earn wherever you live, brings everlasting wealth.

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