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Business is like the weather. First everything looks perfect, wonderful, you can’t lose. Then there is so much turmoil, hot one day, cold the next. This is why we need international marketing strategies that embrace change.

That cold can be bitter, even deadly, both in mountain weather and business.

As I update this message for example many business hotshots of a decade ago are being tried for fraud and sentenced to jail.

International Marketing Strategies Story

You can understand this better by sharing a true story about a young executive, (just 25 years old), his business and his shares.

Young and earnest, he worked his heart out for four years. Almost sacrificed his family (ended up divorced) trying to build a financial future. But he thought it worth the stress. The stock market had been rising for decades. The bull market was all he knew, shares rising, IPO’s were coming out every day-almost guaranteed success.

His industry was in a hot sector and his company, near the top, had gone public. His compensation was generous, including stock options, 50,000 shares at a dollar each. The shares were trading for $20. He was just 24 years old and already a millionaire!

But he was troubled. His industry was so hot that competition had become fierce. Good employees were jumping job to job, grabbing larger salaries, bigger options, better compensation as they moved. His hapless company (and competitors too) were paying so much for talent there was no way they could be profitable.

Yet the young man was one of the few who remained loyal, working hard despite his fears about the firm’s lack of profit. He pushed down his common sense and relied on what everyone said. “In this industry profit doesn’t have to be made right away,” he had been told again and again. So he just kept plunging away waiting for those shares to rise even more.

Then the market collapsed. A new experience for him. The sudden drop caused a run on his company shares and soon his and many other similar firms which were starved for operating cash collapsed.

The entire industry tanked and his company went broke. He ended up not only unemployed but with no money and in debt. His stock options weren’t worth the paper they were printed on.

Which did this guy work for you ask? Or was it a software firm? This has to be high tech of the late 1990s. Right?

International Marketing Strategies History

Wrong. The hottest industry in 1968 was the overseas mutual fund business led by three huge concerns (IOS, Gramco and USIS). I was that young man starting at age 21 with USIS when they had eight employees. Within four years they had over 2000 employees and at age 25 my stock options were worth one million dollars (which was a lot of money then). In 1969 the U.S. stock market (after nearly 20 bull years) collapsed along with the U.S. dollar. This brought down an entire industry. Within two years all three of the big firms (none of which were making a profit, all of which were throwing tons of cash at gaining market share) were bust.

International Marketing Strategies Imbalance

Profits didn’t matter it had been said. Just survive and grow through tight labor, job hopping employees, super inflated stock markets, small investor nervousness, etc.

Sound familiar? All these factors were the same in the and high tech industry as they were in the overseas fund business then.

I am sharing this early history because though I lost my first fortune and a job, I have never lost the lesson.

International Marketing Strategies Lesson

The lesson was that some things never change and it pays to run opposite the crowd because though some things never change other things always change!

All the things that are happening in business today, happened to me originally about 40 years ago.   Cycles of greed and fear have happened again and again.

The more things change the more they remain the same.

None of this is new!

We can predict the generalities of the future.

Yet it is so easy to let the public sentiment blind us. Denial.

So this course is meant to offer this continual reminder: “International Marketing Strategies and Business Need to Continually Evolve and Change.”

There are always ways to make money even in the toughest of times, but there are also forces that will rob you of every penny you have when times look the best.

The reality is that there is no such thing as good and bad times for business. All times can be good or bad depending on whether your business is adapting to change.

International Marketing Trends Embrace Change

I was thinking about change as I walked through our farm one day.


We have eight miles of paths on our farm… marked here n Blue.

The forest’s silence was cut by sweet songs of a waterfall that rose on a warm mountain air. Blackberries and dew, glistened like purple diamonds and golden leaves floated in the air. Summer’s ripe wardrobe offered its richest plumes and claimed joy in its plump fullness even as it began to fade in the specters of fall.


This was at Little Horse Creek in deep woods. Though the equinox was weeks away and the leaves were still green, the first hints of orange were seen. There was an inexplicable feeling. Autumn was coming, some little morning crispness, a mourning in the wind, some added silence in the air announced change.


Each path is filled with…


exquisite beauty, but always…



Such are the cycles of life and change. That’s life and we baby boomers are beginning to know more and more what this is all about!

International Marketing Strategies Article On Change

An article in USA Today entitled “Maturing boomers smack the silver ceiling”,  how boomers, hit with pink slips, find it harder to find new jobs because they are perceived as too old.

The same front page of that paper also declared, “U.S. Taps Social Security Reserves.”

Boomers should be shivering, thinking about retirement and social security that might be delayed or not even be there.

We must (as has always been the reality in this relative universe we create) always move forward into the unknowing and yet the unknown is what most investors and businesses fear most (a good book to read about this is “Who Moved My Cheese”. See The message of this book is embrace change!

So whatever you are doing today in love, life, business or investing, ask yourself what new things can you see that have changed. How can you do something about this that will make your life (and the lives of all around) better!

Do this and you will always have good International Marketing Ideas, international business, and investing!


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International Marketing Embrace Change
March 3, 2005.