Many readers are looking for ways to protect their pensions from the falling dollar withinternational tax planning strategies and have asked if they can use their IRA or pension to invest in Ecuador real estate. International Tax Planning Strategies of this type can work.

Many feel that property is a good inflation hedge but U.S. real estate prices may be high and Ecuador real estate may not be so inflated so we need to ask if we can blend international real estate withinternational tax planning strategies.

The good news is, yes, real estate can be held in a pension or IRA subject to several provisos. The second yeas is that international real estate can be work with yourinternational tax planning strategies.

International Tax Planning Strategies Privisos

The first priviso is that the property cannot be involved in any prohibited transactions (such as lived in or used by pension beneficiaries or related parties). Second some income from real estate transactions within the pension may not be tax deferred.

The rules that govern what can and cannot be done are highly complicated so be sure to investigate them carefully before you act.

International Tax Planning Strategies Trustees

Our friend of many years, Larry Grossman, has successfully assisted clients in purchasing property in numerous countries and a variety of different projects. Specifically he have helped clients purchase property in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica and Belize to name a few. He works with IRA trustees who make this possible.

His firm specializes in assisting investors in getting the transactions done in a legal and compliant fashion, making sure the money gets from wherever you currently have it, to the new custodian and ultimately into the seller’s hands. His firm charges a one-time fee of 1% to make this all happen efficiently and without triggering a prohibited transaction or premature distribution.

If you are interested in shifting your IRA into some real estate you can reach Larry at or see the web site at

International Tax Planning Strategies Contacts

Websites that can lead you experts in this field include:

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Real international business is fun and can bring tax advantages and asset protection. Gary and Merri Scott gain tax advantages as they enjoy developing their healing center in Ecuador. For more on Gary & Merri’s humanitarian efforts go to

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International Tax Planning Strategies

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Real international business is fun and can bring tax advantages and asset protection. Gary and Merri Scott gain tax advantages as they enjoy developing their healing center in Ecuador

International Tax Planning Strategies With Real Estate was written March 11, 2005