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You’re a lot to keep up with. I have read with interest your statement that offshore privacy tax avoidance benefits are not the important thing any more. That because the obstacles have increased, so concentrate on making money.” If you are going to change your business model from international tax avoidance to Shamanism, what are you going to do with Joe Cox, Leslie share and Jyske Bank, et. al. Regards”

Offshore Privacy Tax Avoidance Benefits Reply

My reply can give all of us some extra insights on how to make, keep and enjoy wealth plus gain offshore privacy tax avoidance benefits in the process. Here is my reply:

“I feel privacy is even (not less) more important because the obstacles are greater. These obstacles however make it imperative that we gain this privacy within the law and within the context our individual lifestyle. This makes the knowledge and experience that advisors such as Leslie Share, Joe Cox and Jyske bank have to share even more vital.

Offshore Privacy Tax Avoidance Benefits Key

The key is to keep our quest for privacy in perspective. Make money first, then figure out how to keep a legal low profile. Do not put the cart before the horse in trying to gain offshore privacy tax avoidance benefits!

I am not shifting our business mode from international business to Shamanism. The addition of wisdom from philosophical leaders from India, the Middle East, Andes, etc. is an addition to what we have always covered.

Offshore Privacy Tax Avoidance Benefits Horizons

We should not compartmentalize our thought, but broaden our horizons. Success today requires a grasp of economics, computers, biology, physics, mathematics, law, accounting, politics and philosophy, etc. These subjects are just different spokes on the same wheel. At our courses we have tax attorneys, investment experts as well as shamans from Ecuador, Pundits from India and Medicine Men from the Cherokee Tribe.


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Offshore Privacy Tax Avoidance Benefits Goals

Our goal is to share useful, credible information and contacts to help you make, keep and enjoy wealth and we do not limit this to economics and finance.

Thus we stress good health because it is important to wealth. The largest expenditure most investors ever make is in the last thirty minutes of their lives. Thus good health helps make and keep wealth. Clear minds and strong bodies make money (extraordinary energy is the 18th factor of wealth).

This is also why we follow technology and philosophy. I recently read a book about the wealthiest people in the world. The story showed how these people maintained a lop-sided focus and that their devotion to winning was all consuming. Consequently these people were unbelievably rich, but were mostly unhappy.

Huge Offshore Privacy Tax Avoidance Benefits Question

How will we feel if in the last thirty seconds of our lives if we realize that we have devoted our brief time given to us on earth to an effort that did not bring us joy?

Balance and wisdom help us keep and enjoy our wealth and gain offshore privacy tax avoidance benefits. So I will seek (and share) truth anywhere and everywhere. I will seek it from attorneys, businessmen and bankers in pin-striped suits. I will seek it from Doctors and healers in their scrubs and smocks. I will seek from the man on the street in his everyday common sense, from mothers, fathers and especially the kids. I will seek it from gowned mystics and astronomers who live high on mountain tops. And I will search everywhere, in every language, culture and place, around the world.

Offshore Privacy Tax Avoidance Benefits Key

Recently when were at our plantation in Ecuador I visited the Incan Monastery that Taita Yatchak maintains there. Taita Yatchak was giving his apprentices a lesson. he had a Bible, Koran, Vedic Texts, Teachings of Buddha and many other religious texts. Here are Taita Yatchak’s words:

“These books belong on the library shelf together. Many say that only one book belongs on top. Small mind. Small heart. The spirit of these books are the same and it is the spirit that counts so look for the things that are the same in everything, not the differences.

This is true in business and investing as well. So I hope you will delve into this site and enjoy the ideas we share with an open mind and heart. You cannot define life, success or wealth in a box without diminishing it.

I wish you good investing in everything and end with a story by Kahlil Gibran, a Lebanese poet!


The House of Fortune

My wearied heart bade me farewell and left for the House of Fortune. As he reached that holy city which the soul had blessed and worshipped, he commenced wondering, for he could not find what he had always imagined would be there. The city was empty of power, money and authority.

And my heart spoke to the daughter of Love saying “oh Love, where can I find Contentment? I heard that she had come here to join you.

And the daughter of Love responded, Contentment has already gone to preach her gospel in the city, where greed and corruption are paramount; we are not in need of her.

Fortune craves not contentment, for it is an earthly hope and its desires are embraced by union with objects while Contentment is naught but heartfelt.

The eternal soul is never contented; it ever seeks exaltation. Then my heart looked upon life of Beauty and said, thou art all knowledge; enlighten me as to the mystery of woman. And he answered, Oh human heart, woman is your own reflection and whatever you are she is, whatever you live, she lives, she is like religion if not interpreted by the ignorant and like a moon if not veiled with clouds and like a breeze if not poisoned with impurities.

And my heart walked toward Knowledge the daughter of love and beauty and said, Bestow upon me wisdom. And she responded, Say not wisdom but rather fortune, for real fortune comes not from outside but begins in the Holy of Holies of Life, Share of thyself with the people.”

Good international business and international investing!


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