The $18,200 Day

  • Part One: See below how to make $18,200 for a days work.
  • Part Two: Learn a great nutritional myth that can eradicate disease.
  • Part Three: Look for some hot potential profits under a cool sea.

Part One. Our messages often look at profit potential in the tax lien business. This story sent by a savvy reader exemplifies what this means in dollars in cents as he made $18,200 in one day.

“Gary, Yesterday I drove from Saint Simons to Clarke County. Tax deed sales are like thin snow in strong sunshine. They tend to disappear, so evaluating them later is always better than sooner.

“Using my GPS I found the house I wanted to see easily. Eight rooms, 3 1/2 baths, close to 2700 square feet, built in 1997, and located in a quiet subdivision ten to fifteen minutes from the University of Georgia.

“After viewing the house, I went to the courthouse for the usual checks. That is where I learned the information above and as follows. The house carried a standard 30 year mortgage, taken out in 1997, for $166,300 at that time. This was likely 20% down paper. In any case, the house was worth around $200,000.

“Tuesday morning at 10 am (March 7, 2006), the house was auctioned off on the Clarke County courthouse steps. I had called at 9:50 to verify the sale would occur. I don’t think I even bid until the price hit about $80,000 (perhaps I was not awake until that level was reached, I wake up slowly). In any case, I succeeded in purchasing the tax deed for $91,000. The other guys who bid against me should never play poker (by the way, I hate poker) because their faces were too easy to read. I had $67,000 with me.

“After a light lunch, I went to SunTrust bank and borrowed $24,000. (I am back home today and will pay the loan back this afternoon). I then looked up an address for State Farm, drove over to that office, and insured the house. I then paid the tax commissioner, having verified that the house was in good condition and insured.

“I should point out several things about how the tax deed process works in Georgia. All interested parties are notified well before the sale, and ads are run one day a week for one month in whatever newspaper(s) are designated as the legal organ for the county. In addition, ten days before the sale, what is known as the ‘ten day letter’ goes out by certified mail, again to all interested parties.

“We are on the email list for two of the three companies that conduct sales in Georgia. Public information concerning county sales is available on the Web also.

“The twenty thousand dollars referred to in the heading is the smallest profit possible. $91,000 was paid for the tax deed on the house. By statute, if the deed is redeemed, either by the owner or the mortgage company, the $91,000 will be returned, along with an $18,200 premium, for a total of $109,200.

“If the house was not redeemed, the profit would be much greater, as it can be sold for somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000.

“We had hoped for this to occur but we received a call this evening. The mortgage company is buying us out for the aforementioned $109,200. We only make $18,200 for a days work. Grumble, grumble, you can’t win them all!”

Learn more about tax liens from a Ted Thomas course.

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Part Two. Here is a wonderful health tip from the Yatchaks of the Andes. Don’t drink water! Merri and I lived with a Yatchak and his apprentices for an entire winter.

We often to strenuous hikes into sacred valleys and lived in huts. Here we are with the Yatchak some friends and apprentices hiking in the LLanganatis.

During this entire time we were never given a single glass of agua. Instead we drank herbal teas (at room temperature). The Yatchhak explained that when we drink lots of water our bodies become expert at eliminating it quickly. All we do is wear our kidneys out.

Over those months we become more hydrated than ever before!

When we drink non-caffeinated herbal tea, the body absorbs it as food and hydrates the body.

Our friend, Dr. Bill Douglass, also debunks the water myth in his ezine, Second Opinion and says: “GLUG! Americans are drowning in a watery medical myth!

“Next time anyone pesters you to drink 8 glasses of water a day, turn the table on your tormentor with one simple question. WHY?

“Know what? NOBODY KNOWS WHY. In the words of a famous nutritionist at Penn State University, ‘I can’t tell you…and I’ve written a book on water.’

“Maybe your kidneys need it? No, according to a kidney expert at the National Institute of Health, the average adult gets all the water he or she needs from solid food alone. And, in fact, drinking too much water stresses your kidneys and encourages renal failure!

“More water myths to flush away…

If you get thirsty, it means you’re already dehydrated.’ HOW COULD IT? If this were true, every animal on earth would have collapsed and died long ago. Have you ever seen a dog that drinks when he’s not thirsty? Of course not, he hasn’t read the articles telling him to drink until he bursts.

Drinking lots of water is good for your circulation. NOPE. In fact, drinking too much water can dilute the potassium levels in your blood, raising your stroke risk.

Coffee and tea dehydrate you. THEY DON’T! This tactic is designed to sell you bottled water at a 1,000 percent markup. But bottled water’s okay by me, because the most dangerous myth of all is that…

Fluoridated water prevents tooth decay.’ THIS IS A DEADLY, DISGRACEFUL LIE…

“First of all, the reverse is true. One of the last cities in Europe to permit fluoridation was Basel, Switzerland, and they just stopped.

“Why? Because after they started fluoridating, kids’ cavity rates increased. By contrast, rates in the rest of fluoride-free Europe declined. So why, you may ask, did anyone fluoridate in the first place?

“FOLLOW THE MONEY. Fluoride is a byproduct of aluminum production and aluminum producers must dispose of it. But this was a very expensive proposition prior to fluoridation. Back then, the only approved uses for fluoride were as an INSECTICIDE or a RAT POISON.

“So what did they do? I don’t exactly have a smoking gun (yet), but one of the first studies ‘proving’ the anti-cavity power of fluoridated water was funded by the aluminum industry.

“Fluoride makes your body absorb extra aluminum. And where does the aluminum go? Your brain. And what metal shows up alarmingly in the brains of Alzheimer’s victims? You guessed it.”

Of course that metal is aluminum. You can learn more.

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Part Three. Invest in water though. Put more water in your portfolio instead of your body!

This interesting idea comes from a reader:

“Good morning, About fresh water shortages: The “Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam” has an article about their findings that under the sea floors near many coasts there are bubbles of fresh groundwater and further offshore moderately brackish water . The bubbles could extend up to 100 km offshore. This fact could constitute a cheaper alternative to desalinisation plants. Brackish water yields fresh water at a considerable lower energy cost. For more info contact Koos Groen of the Acacia Institute:

Keep your eyes open for companies that can take advantage of this. Some countries have energy advantages like Denmark which gets 12% of its electricity from windmills. Some day there may be offshore water wells just like oil! Investors who spot and get into this trend early will make the most.

Until next message good international investments, global business and natural health to you!


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