Spotting Trends and Cultural Creatives Part VI

This site focuses on success guidelines for business and how to enjoy ethical business market growth. Nothing is as important to successful investing and business as spotting good markets and Ethical Cultural Creatives are one of the biggest fastest growing markets we may ever see. This group of dedicated consumers can provide excellent ethical business market growth

This is the six and last lesson entitled Ethical Business Market Growth in a series that unveils ideas on how to tap the Ethical Cultural Creates market. This lesson highlights why understanding Ethical Cultural Creatives (who by the way we call Dragonflies) is so vital to ethical business market growth.

To earn more on ethical business market growth read part one, two, three, four and five of this series, which introduces the Book Cultural Creatives by Paul Ray PH.D, Sherry Anderson PH.D. and tells who Cultural Creatives are. Use the arrows at the top or bottom of this lesson to read the last five messages.

The last installments have introduced three subcultures (Moderns, Traditionals and Cultural Creatives), who they are and the publishing errors I made learning about the markets. We continue:

Ethical Business Market Growth Big Picture

Here is the big picture about ethical business market growth. Back in the 1960s, I stumbled across the idea of international investing at an early age by sheer dumb luck. This stuck with me because of who I was. In demographic terms I already had a bit of Ethical Cultural Creatives within (my love of new and exotic places). My wanderlust was correctly timed for the market place just then. I did what I loved for years. The going was tough to begin. I was early in the market. Yet international investing just happened to appeal to all three subcultures. The Moderns loved the money. The Traditionals wanted to put their money offshore to avoid paying tax to an immoral government. The Ethical Cultural Creatives were out there with me having an adventure and hopefully doing something good for humanitarian reasons at the same time. Business just became better and better. We made a lot of money. We shifted orientation towards ethical business market growth, but did not know it.

Then the markets changed. So did Merri and I. International investing lost a lot of its uniqueness and we moved beyond just money to write about alternative health, ethical investing and such. In the process we lost touch with both the Moderns and the Traditionals. I lost focus with 74% of my readership!

Ethical Cultural Creatives Readers brought Ethical Business Market Growth

Fortunately we had enough Ethical Cultural Creatives readers so progress continued as we learned. Finally one of those readers was kind enough to send me the book.

Had I known about Ethical Cultural Creatives from the time we began to shift, there would have been a lot that could have been done. Reports and courses could have been segmented for each market. We could have marketed differently (we would have) to our Traditionals and Modern readers. Plus I now see that a lot of what I wrote was aimed at converting Moderns and Traditionals to become Ethical Cultural Creatives. This was not my purpose. I was just grappling with what I felt.

This lesson ends by pointing out that there are three subcultures in the Western world. Know them. Know which you are and know which you are marketing to.

Ethical Business Market Growth Golden rule

The Golden Rule of Business works! Follow your heart (with the priviso know your market).

Life and markets change. Give yourself a break and go with the flow. This is an Ethical Cultural Creatives thing but it will make your publishing more enjoyable if you do. Life will be more fun.

Finally I invite you to come out to a course at the farm. We have fresh air, clean spring fed water, peace and quiet and we share a lot about how to have health, how to do business and how to invest. I know that at least 26% of you will if you can.

Until then, good everything!


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