Ethical Business Ploys

Businesses that are ethical and help society do better in the long term than most. Yet ethical business ploys should be discerned from real ethical alternative investment. Many business appear to have an ethical business, but the ethical aspects rarely run deeper than PR.

There is a reason why ethical business makes great sense. Ethical business can resolve many of society’s problems.

The test of time is the proof. When businesses are crashing and CEOs, accountants, brokers, analysts and many other business leaders are being shown to be corrupt, it is refreshing to see ethical business CEOs and businesses do well.

I noted an article about ethical business ploys entitled “Ethics don’t always pay, but lack of them always hurts” in USA TODAY, which listed the 20 top performing companies and their CEOS and suggests that their success is because they are ethical. Time wins out for real ethical businesses and not those who use alternative investment ploys.

The top ten performers in that article were listed (see below).

A success guideline in business is to observe how businesses like this deal with ethical issues and copy the positive steps they take.

Here are the companies that were in the USA Today article about ethical business and how their shares performed over a period when the S&P fell 38%.

Company CEO Share Rise
AmerisourceBergen R David Yost 364%
Lockheed Martin Vance Coffman 238%
Pepsi Bottling John Cahill 210%
Apollo Group Todd Nelson 206%
United Health Group Willaim McQuire 202%
Reebok Martin Coles 202%
St Jude Medical Terry Shepperd 174%
SLM Albert Lord 170%
AutoZone Steve Odland 165%
International Game Tech G Thomas Baker 159%

Ethical business is good business. Ethical business ploys eventually lose.


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