While researching a recent message, I stumbled across an interesting ethical food investing business approach that a billionaire is using that matches my portfolio. Let’s call it the Turner Touch because this is how Ted Turner has diversified his wealth into the ethical food investing business.

Ted Turner’s Ethical Food Investing Business

My research was about alternative investment and led me to a New York Times article entitled “Bison Burgers for Humanity’s Sake”. You can read more about Turner’s buffalo restaurants and his ethical food investing business there. Only after letting what I read jell, did I realize that Turner had diversified just as I have. The article had pointed out that Turner had lost a great deal of money as his Time Warner shares had fallen, but that he was still worth 2.3 billion dollars. That’s plenty for a little ethical food investing business.

This wealth was broken into the following segments:

Time Warner shares-his business $600 million

Ranchland and bison $700 million (His Ethical Food Investing Business)

Bonds and liquid investments $800 million

Turner started his buffalo restaurant chain to create what he calls, “another great fortune” in his ethical food investing business.

There you have it…a portfolio breakdown of old business (Time Warner), rural land (that creates income), bonds and new ventures (buffalo restaurant chain) that reach into this rapidly growing ethical food investing business.

Until next message, good business and investing.


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Ethical Food Investing Business