Ethical Investing

International investments and global businesses can lead to so many exciting things such as Meson de las Flores, our private educational facility owned by the Land of the Sun Foundation.

The foundation’s purpose to help the indigenous peoples.

Meson is located in the village of Cotacachi, in the sacred province of Imbabura. This is a historical building that was originally a hacienda for the Cordova family 140 years ago. The buildings were then abandoned for nearly 50 years before it was renovated in the mid-80s by Hugo and Elsa Cordova who operated Hosteria Meson de las Flores with its 17 bedroom and 19 baths until March 2006 when it was transferred to Land of the Sun and converted into a private educational and healing center.

El Meson sits on a quiet gas lamp-lined street across from one of the most magnificent Cathedrals in Ecuador. Here is El Meson.

Here is a picture of the Cathedral from our suite.

Cotacachi was selected as the headquarters of the foundation because it is noted as one of the world’s most progressive humanitarian areas. It also contains some of the world’s finest biological treasures and movements to protect them.


At the humanitarian level, the mayor, Economist Auki Tituana Males is the first indigenous Mayor of Cotacachi since the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors 500 years ago. He implemented a program of participatory democracy and made a commitment to restore and preserve cultural traditions as well as ecological integrity in the area.


Cotacachi has participated in many environmental programs.

The village has worked closely with foundations to preserve the 15,000 acre biological cloud forest, Los Cedros Biological Reserve. The area has been described as one of the 10 hotspots of biodiversity in the world. This is a historic center of fierce resistance against outside environmental exploitation. Over half a millennium ago, the tribal people of the area fought the Incas for generations, who only succeeded in taking the area by intermarriage and huge massacres.

The women of Cotacachi led the first strong movements against the Spanish conquistadors.

Recently the people of Cotacachi rejected a huge Japanese mining development. In 1997 when the Mitsubishi mining operators refused to meet with the locals, they burned down the mining camp but carefully deposited all the valuable mining equipment with the Mayor to return to the company in Japan.

This creates all types of fair trade, humanitarian and environmental opportunities plus prices are so low at this time that there is enormous value.

Merri and I invite you to come stay at El Meson and enjoy the sacred Province of Imbabura in the Andes.

Learn more about this at our upcoming Import-Export. This is the last course that Merri and I will have in Ecuador until November.

Value Investing

This thought on value leads me to introduce the Omega Fund, a hedge fund that Michael Keppler advises using the same quantitative valuation models as with the Global Advantage Major Markets High Value Fund.

Michael Keppler is one of our advisors and he continually researches every major global stock market and compares their values based on current book to price, cash flow to price, earnings to price, average dividend yield, return on equity and cash flow return.

Based on the value Michael rates markets as either Top Value (buy), Neutral Value or Low Value (sell).

His system has survived the tests of time. State Street Global Advisors, one of the world’s largest mutual fund managers, manages the State Street Global Advantage Major Market Fund and Emerging Market Fund.

Since inception in May 1993 the Major Market Fund is up 265.6% compared to a 176% rise in the bell weather Morgan Staley Capital Global Stock Index.

Since its inception in December 1993 The Emerging Market Fund is up 156.3% versus the MSCI Emerging Market Index of 61.8%.

Now State Street is introducing the Omega Fund which invests in Keppler’s top value major markets. Here is the added feature. This is a hedge fund that also shorts Keppler’s poor value markets.

You can get more information about Keppler Asset Management at

You can get more details about the Omega Fund from
Roderick Cameron at

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Humanitarian Idea

Here is a great humanitarian tip. Our friend and great healer, Taita Yatchak Don Carlos Pachimba, has created a trust to help build a home for the old people of the Imbabura area. He has donated the land (now a corn field) and Merri and I visited this with Don Carlos last week. The views from his land are spectacular and the land is located in the small village of Agato.

Here is a picture of Don Carlos in the present cornfield.

Until next message, good international investments, global business and natural health to you wherever you are!


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