International investments, health and wealth are connected so here are so more ideas on investing, business and wealth.

The investment idea of the day is that we should have diversified currency portfolios because all currencies are vulnerable.

A recent message looked at the economic risks and consequences of a March 20, 2006 military strike on Iran and what this would do to currencies.

A well informed reader shared more thinking on the subject.

“Gary, I wanted to make a comment on the bombing of Iran. If a compromise can be worked out through Russia, I do not think we will bomb. Otherwise I view it as a near certainty. The leader of Iran has stated he wants Israel blown off the map. He says it does not matter that losing his own country and its population. Israel is aware of these statements.

“Russia is selling Iran updated fighters, and updated SAMs (surface to air missiles). The activation date of these new weapons is likely the real time deadline for the strike. More than half the targets that would have to be hit are non nuclear, to at least temporarily erode the Iranian response. We recently sold Israel some of the large bunker buster bombs, designed to destroy dams or for penetration to deeply buried sites. I have read all of the above on the Internet, by the way, or have heard it on the broadcast news. Assuming such a strike occurs, what will the Iranian response be? I think the mildest would be to quit exporting petroleum. The strongest would likely be to destroy a couple of oil tankers, thereby blocking the Strait of Hormuz, which is narrow, and cutting the world off from the great majority of Middle Eastern oil. If this happens, oil at $250 a barrel would not surprise me. You might want to stock up a bit in North Carolina.”

Let’s hope this scenario does not come to fruition but if so one wants a portfolio of well diversified currencies. The results of such disaster scenarios are incredibly hard to predict but having a multicurrency portfolio enhances the chances of stability plus if such a portfolio returns 5%, 6% or even more the profit is also good.

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As expected the comments about saw palmetto in yesterday’s message opened a floodgate of response. Our good friend and main health care provider Dr. Joe Spano, wrote first.

“Dear Gary, Saw Palmetto will be vindicated! That study related to a small group of patients. I know my own personal experience that it very efficacious. I have many patients that refuse to give it up because it relieves their symptoms.”

Another reader shared a published view by the American Botanical Council that saw palmetto is okay.

Here are excerpts from that article: (Austin, TX, February 8, 2006) The results of a new clinical trial on the popular herb saw palmetto may confuse the public, especially men with prostate problems, according to the American Botanical Council, a nonprofit herb research and education group. The trial, published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), found no significant differences between a saw palmetto pill and a placebo in men with moderate to advanced prostate problems. Saw palmetto is an herbal dietary supplement that is widely recognized for its safety and efficacy in treating mild to moderate symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is a non-cancerous swelling of the prostate gland in older men, resulting in various symptoms associated with the interruption of normal urinary flow. ‘Our primary concern with this trial is the relatively advanced condition of the prostate problems in many of the men who were tested,’ said Mark Blumenthal, Founder and Executive Director of ABC. Blumenthal emphasized that the men in this trial experienced moderate to severe symptoms of BPH, although most of the previous controlled trials showing positive results and efficacy for saw palmetto were conducted on men with mild to moderate symptoms of BPH. The men in the trial had scores between 8-35, i.e., moderate to severe BPH, according to the American Urological Association Symptom Inventory (AUASI). ‘Most of the official international monographs that recognize the benefits of saw palmetto do so for stage 1 and 2 of BPH, i.e., the mild to moderate range of BPH symptoms,’ said Blumenthal. ‘These include monographs from the German government and the World Health Organization.’ The article said that the results of this trial need to be seen in the perspective of the preponderance of the existing evidence, including at least 21 controlled trials showing positive outcomes with saw palmetto preparations.

Other readers offered alternatives to saw palmetto.

“Gary, Love your newsletter. There is a herbalist in Australia named Hilda Hemmes who discovered by accident a herb called epilobium. This stuff fixes men up very fast and very well. I had an enlarged prostate a few years ago which made it hard to urinate. I made and drank tea made of epilobium for a fortnight, and voila, problem gone, and so far no reoccurrence. I’m 53 and had no side effects either. This sure beats having an operation. Cheers. Life’s short, so live it well. Rick from Australia.”

Dario from Italy wrote: “Gary, The saw palmetto story is not new. Has been researched for long time now. The best supplements for prostate are:

1) Beta Sitosterol
2) Beta Glucan 1,3
3) N-Acetyl Cysteine
4) somewhat effective also Pygegum.

“There is a book written by Roger Mason that explain all these supplements research, and two books about Beta Glucans. Best in health. Dario”

I’ll stick with Dr. Joe’s advice but if you read yesterday’s message I am also trying the recipe for natural fudge we shared yesterday! Merri is in the kitchen mixing up the formula now.

More on being in the kitchen with Merri tomorrow, Until then, may your investing business and health be good!


During our Import Export Expedition we’ll look at tour ideas and some real estate as well. Today Merri and I looked at 360 acres for sale ($150,000 asking price) on the crater lake below. There are enormous tour potentials in this land as well.

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