Let’s share ideas on how to make profits through import-export. This business is a great way to gain opportunity at every turn as it provides freedom for travel.

Merri and me at Otavalo Market looking for export product ideas to share with you.

Here is a great example. One couple just visited and stayed a week at El Meson. While here they visited Otavalo Market, the largest indigenous market in Central and South America. Some wonderful scarves attracted their attention. They bought a batch and took them home in their suitcase and practiced what Merri and I call Suitcase Importing. Here is what they just shared with us.

“Merri and Gary, Pam and I have sold enough of our scarves to buy a plane ticket. We want to come back again! You are two truly very special people and it is a joy to be a part of your life and your very special projects of service. Love to all, David”

We hear this story again and again. Another delegate just left and shipped six huge bags full of ponchos after previously selling out their entire lot from a previous trip down here. They will make many times the cost of their travel and excellent profit as they sell their ponchos.

So at our last course in Ecuador we looked at ways to make money through exports and shared some very unique investing ideas. One of these ideas is really sweet because it relates to exporting and ….you should guess because by now you may have figured out that I have a sweet tooth….chocolate which we learned in Friday’s message is also good for your health.

At the course we looked at a tasty way to enhance your health and wealth, support the Amazon, help the environment and perhaps enhance your community’s wealth with fair trade chocolate!

Many farmers around the world receive market payments that are lower than the costs of production, forcing them into a cycle of poverty and debt. This may push them into intensive farming that adds pesticide pollution and deforestation in environmentally sensitive rain forests.

Fair Trade works to correct these imbalances by guaranteeing a minimum wage for small producers by encouraging organic and sustainable cultivation methods. Fair trade farmers are provided badly needed credit and assured livable wages. With profits generated from fair wages, farmers can invest in health, education, and environmental protection.

When you buy fair trade products you support rather than exploit farmers around the world.

At our last course Hector Vargas spoke to us. He represents Yachana Gourmet, a business recognized by the Fair Trade Federation as a responsible operator. 100% of Yachana Gourmet’s profits support rain forest conservation and sustainable development programs of the Foundation for Integrated Education and Development. This foundation is non-profit dedicated to finding sustainable solutions for rain forest preservation and the realities of life in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Hector is a guide at the Yachana Lodge in the Amazon, has been seen on the Discovery Channel and is co-author Amazon Life. He has also purchased with his own funds a 250 acre island, deep in the Amazon, where he is nurturing seven breeds of monkeys that are endangered species.

Hector explained how Yachana Gourmet has been formed to create income for Amazon communities who are trying to resist the exploitation of Amazon lands.

Yachana offers all natural, fair trade, vegan chocolates made from the world’s purest and healthiest chocolate.

Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean and there are many varieties of beans. Jungle Chocolate is the world’s purest, most flavorful organic “cacao nacional” bean, the most aromatic and richest variety of chocolate bean.

Yachana not only brings Jungle Chocolate direct from the Amazon rainforest where local families help grow harvest and process in natural ways. Because this is processed correctly it is also delicious chocolate as the delegates at our seminar discovered when they tasted samples.

Yachana produces Jungle Chocolate with Pineapple, Jungle Chocolate with Macadamia Nuts, Jungle Chocolate with Brazil Nuts and Essence of Coffee and Jungle Chocolate with Raisins and Coconut.

Yachana is prompting manufacturers of all types to incorporate the organic fair trade cocoa nibs into trail mixes, cereals, baked goods, yogurts, ice creams, etc. Yachana Gourmet supplies these companies with the highest quality cocoa, both raw and toasted.

So one simple export opportunity is to find manufacturers who could use this organic fair trade products. But there is more.

There are export opportunities where you can enhance your and your community’s wealth as well as health. Yachana now offers a fund raising program so you can earn money as you help classrooms, sports teams, environmental clubs, churches and community organizations. You can export chocolate to sell for fundraisers.

Fund raising details with Yachana Gourmet Chocolate

You can learn more about Yachana also through its email: info@yachanagourmet.com.

We will feature Yachana Chocolates and other fair trade health products on our upcoming Import Export expedition. This leads me to a request. We limit our expeditions to 40 and our March expedition is nearly full (we have 36 signed up now and a long list of those who say they are coming).

Because of this demand, Merri and I are willing to stay in Ecuador a couple weeks longer than planned and do one more expedition April 23 to 30, if there are enough of you who would like to join us. Would you send me a note at gary@garyascott.com and say yes if you are interested in that late April course.

Until next message, good investing!


P.S. Join Merri and me and our Ecuador on our Next Import Export Expedition

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