Health and wealth go together so today let’s share some flash information about investing, business and health.

On the investing front it looks like the press has done it again, Just last week articles were flying predicting the doom of liquidity (especially in Japan) that created low interest rates and positive carry.

Now a well read reader has shared a March 7 Bloomberg article saying that the yen may drop for a third day against the dollar and a sixth day versus the euro as yields on U.S. and European government bonds are rising faster than in Japan.

This is really good news for our many Borrow Low-Deposit High readers who have borrowed yen and invested in Euros and dollars. Their loans have just decreased.

The article continues by saying that Japan’s Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi, yesterday urged the Central Bank of Japan to “be careful” when ending its five-year policy of keeping rates near zero percent.

Japan’s central bank may change its zero percent policy. Keep an eye on this. However in 2000, Japan’s central bank raised the short- term interest rate by just one quarter percent and then had to back off seven months later as global economic growth slowed.

Japan’s central bank is worth watching but in the mean time borrowed yen is still not a bad bet. Japan’s federal debt is the highest in the world. This will keep the yen from strengthening too much. This will also keep downwards pressure on yen interest rates. High yen interest on this huge debt could cripple Japan’s budget!

Imagine this. We have been able to borrow yen now at an average 2.5% for nearly 15 years. This has been almost like getting free money for 15 years. No wonder the Asian yen loan portfolio we track has increased 75.19% in the 20 weeks since we began tracking October 21, 2005. DETAILS

On the health front, we are at the least about to be confused if not disappointed again! Natural Standard, a reliable source of data of alternative medicine announced that saw palmetto, a herbal extract used for enlarged prostates and urinary tract problems, is no more effective than a placebo.

They have some strong evidence supporting their statement. Their editors, conducted a year-long study of 225 patients with benign enlarged prostate glands, giving them either saw palmetto extract or placebo twice daily.

The results show no statistically significant difference between the two groups. The results were published in the February 9, 2006 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. You can read the article.

This is a guy thing and could leave some of you depressed. If so, keep what another reader just shared with me.

“Gary, You mentioned that chocolate has several health benefits. One benefit known here in Germany, has to do with depression. Many medical doctors, scientists, and natural healers know there is substantial evidence that high-cocoa chocolate helps reduce depression, and some prescribe it instead of so-called ‘anti-depression’ drugs. My wife and I know of several examples of this from friends. There is a good German chocolate here, Sarotti, which contains 72% Ecuadorian cocoa, which we enjoy immensely. Really wish we could get together in Ecuador and, inter alia, try some of that Jungle Chocolate!
Best regards to you and Merri. Terry”

So if the saw palmetto news is depressing try this recipe sent from another reader.

Fudge Recipe courtesy of Dr. Diondra, a naturopath and Body Talk practitioner:
1/2 cup cashews, soaked 20 min.
1/2 cup pine nuts
1 cup pecans
8 Tbs. carob powder
10-12 dates, soaked several hours
2 Tbs. alcohol free vanilla water from soaked dates as needed
1/4 cup raw almond butter
2 Tbs. warm coconut oil
1/2 cup walnuts
4 Tbs. agave syrup (cactus syrup – use instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners!)
Dash of Himalayan crystal salt or Celtic sea salt

“Puree all ingredients except walnuts, until smooth and creamy in food processor. Mix in chopped walnuts, mold into large square and place on parchment paper. Put into container and freeze 12 hours or more. Remove and cut. Keeps best in freezer.“

Use this recipe. You could replace the carob with pure organic fairtrade Ecuadorian chocolate. Also, just as an aside, from the Taita Yatchak…we should never mix sweet and salt…so Merri and I will omit the salt in this recipe.

Wow what a cure!

This fudge can also lead to a very profitable business idea. Over the last two days we have looked at opportunities in exporting fair trade chocolate and roses from Ecuador. The trick to profiting in exporting is to take two or more products or ideas, combine them and come up with a new unique product. At our upcoming Import Export Expedition we’ll look at how to use roses and fudge to create your own party plan that sells fair trade organic and green products from abroad!

You can learn more about the import expedition at We have just two spaces left. Or write Merri at for details on the expedition we have added.

Finally, remember that all success in business, investing and health comes from how we live and act. We recently looked at how US Customs in Houston lost my passport and would not do a thing to help. Here is another reader’s passport story that we can learn a lot from.

“Gary, As for my passport story, I spent a year studying in Munich and with one American friend, took a German bike. Leaving Trieste in Italy, going into Jugoslavia we headed for Greece to take a freighter to Lebanon and Egypt. The first part of the trip involved cresting a steep mountain range, the border station being on top. After much hard peddling and walking, we came across several Russian military trucks heading up for the summit, and the young soldiers, carrying their rifles, urged us to hang onto the bumper. This we did, and were towed all the way up, at a speed of around 5 mph. At the border there was an American Mercedes crossing ahead of us. The chief officer told them he didn’t speak English, and proceeded to have his men tear the car apart. All luggage was opened and scattered, even the seats were taken out. Finally, the Americans ahead of us were given their passports and told to go. It took them ten to fifteen minutes to put everything back together. My friend and I had grown progressively more nervous. After the Mercedes left, we slowly pedaled up to the officer with our American passports in our hands. The chief officer looked up. He said, in perfect English, ‘Go right on through, don’t even bother to open your passports’. I had to ask. ‘Why were you so strict on the Americans in the car, but you are waving us right through?’ He said, ‘They are fat, rude, rich, and spoiled. Just the sort of Americans we do not like. We wish more young people like you would come visit our country’. We had a great time. Even though I carried spare parts, the bike broke down after several hundred miles, and I had to ship it home.”

Next time you travel, watch your profile as well as your passport!

Until next message, good health and wealth to you!


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