Yesterday’s message left me with Merri in the kitchen making healthy fudge. You can see how well we feed our guests in the attached pictures.

There is a valuable business idea that came from that kitchen as well as food.

This business idea is that one of the greatest pleasures in having your own business is getting to do everything together with your spouse!

A recent article in the Naples Daily News “Double Teams” by Linda Gordon reminded me that one of the most fulfilling ways to have your own small business also makes enormously good business sense.

One of the hardest parts of running a small business is to find good help and partners that you can trust who will stick with you through think and thin-good times and bad.

This article was about couples working together. The focus was that couples who work together enjoy several benefits: Lots of common interests, lots to talk about and they share triumphs and disappointments.

There was an explanation that creating a clear division of responsibilities was vital. A report “Husbands, Wives and Business” provided by New York Insurance confirms this.

Couples who work together in a business need to create barriers and not bring every detail of work home. Time off is important for them. They need to both love business and share the same values but it helps if they have differing complimentary skills.

What the article misses is that couples who can combine their skills get one of the most valued assets any business can have, trusted partners.

Take it from me. Merri and I have worked together 7/24/365 for over twenty years. If you have someone who can be your partner in this way, think about having your own small business.

There is one other benefit that is almost too valuable to describe. The benefits for the kids. We have been incredibly blessed to have five children who not only enjoy good health, but live fulfilling, productive lives. Each is following a dream that is wonderful to see. They are independent and self directed. No problems with booze or drugs. We all get along and though the family is separated by thousands of miles (they are in Florida, Georgia, Oregon and England) we stay continually in touch and our relationships are filled with respect and love.

Surviving the stress of keeping up financially in today’s pressure cooker environment and raising a family is not such an easy task. TV misdirects and along with computer games speeds up the process of absorbing information to such a degree that the schools then have to give the kids what is now called vitamin R (Ritalin) to slow them down. The government runs interference in important decisions and big business continually pounds at leading the children down addictive, imbalanced paths.

Parents have a heck of a job keeping control and I believe one reason we were so lucky with our kids is that they helped in the business when they were young. They loved having goals, learning, having increased responsibility and earning a few bucks. The lessons they gained have helped them in their later life as well, plus it kept them busy in positive ways. Enough said.

Having your own business can bring you freedom, security and a happier family. There are few better ways to create everlasting wealth.

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The investment tip today is beware. On February 28 we warned that the bull and bear charts we track suggest it is time to reduce the US equity weighting.

We also looked at the economic cycle which suggests that cash (and short term bonds) will be king for awhile!

Now Marc Faber (whom I respect a lot) writes:

“One month ago, I pointed out that investors were euphoric about buying everything. The same still applies as of today. Equity investors, commodity traders, property investors, art buyers and even bond fund managers are all bullish about the one or the other asset class. From figure 1, we can see that mutual fund cash positions in the US have declined to a record low and that such low readings have, in the past, preceded serious market corrections or bear markets.” You can read his entire warning.

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The weekend is coming. Enjoy it! Yatchak Don Carlos (see picture below) is arriving at the hotel today with some friends from France. When he arrives we never know what will happen. I’m heading for the kitchen now to have a bit of the health fudge (we shared the recipe in Wednesday’s message). And maybe some health pie…but that is another time and another story that we’ll share next week. Until then, good health, investing, business and wealth to you!


The pictures attached were sent by a delegate at our last course and shows the care we provide you. First observe the incredible safety standards arranged by our new bus driver. Pictures two through four shows El Meson (our new home and where you’ll stay during our March and April Expeditions).

Pictures five through seven see delegates enjoying a birthday celebration during our last course.

Picture eight is of Taiti Yatchak Don Carlos performing a ceremony for us all at the course.

Picture nine. Merri and I stop on our way to Chachimbiro Thermal spas to see a clear view of Mount Cayambe.