Investment Club Scams

Wow, the investment club scams artists seem to be really out in full force right now. I am getting loads of requests for data about private investment club scams all offering double digit returns. Read below what another reader wrote.

Investment Club Scams Letter

“Dear Gary, Maximom is an offshore private investment club paying 12% a mo. on CD’s of 6 months. Do you know this club?”

Investment Club Scams Reply

My reply says it all!

“I do not know Maximom and they certainly did not let me know who they are on their web site when I looked. I do not know if they are genuine or not, but this looks and smells like most investment club scams. I would not pursue this further myself because what I do know is that 12% per month CDs in US dollars in the current atmosphere is not possible except in the riskiest of situations.

The high return is the common feature used by investment club scams. Really be double beware of this. I have seen so many so investment club scams called wealth clubs that I cannot even think about it. Never have I seen anything happen from these investment club scams except observe investors be milked of what they put in.”



My novel the 65th Octave looks at scam protection issues. The hero is a scam catching expert who works for big banks. The book outlines why scams work and why suckers always lose. I recommend you read the book. It has some in depth economic information but is also a fast paced, fun read.

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Sometimes one picture is worth a thousand words


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