This site focus on success guidelines for business and modern alternative investment is one way to succeed. Few areas of business are as important as spotting good trends. modern alternative investment by “Ethical Cultural Creatives. This is one of the biggest business trends we may ever see.

This is the third of six lessons that reviews concepts on modern alternative investment. This lesson highlights why understanding Ethical Cultural Creatives (who by the way we call Dragonflies) is so vital to our economic success.

You can read part one and two of this series, which introduces the Book Cultural Creatives by Paul Ray PH.D, Sherry Anderson PH.D. and tells who Ethical Cultural Creatives are by using the arrows at the top of this lesson…

Back to the book where it describes what is important to each of the three subcultures, the Moderns, Traditionals and Cultural Creatives.

Moderns find the following things important:

* Making or having a lot of money.
* Climbing the ladder of success with measurable goals.
* Looking good or being stylish.
* When the going gets tough the tough go shopping.
* Having lots of choices.
* Being on top of the latest innovations, trends and styles.
* Supporting economic and technological progress at a national level.
* Rejecting the values of native peoples and rural people, Traditionals, New Agers and religious mystics.

Moderns also have the following assumptions:

* It is flaky to be concerned about your inner or spiritual life.
* You have the right to be entertained by the media.
* Your body is pretty much like a machine.
* Most organizations lend themselves to machine analogies.
* Either big business or big government knows best.
* Bigger is better.
* Time is money.
* What gets measured gets done.
* Setting goals is very important.
* Analyzing things into their parts is the best way to solve problems.
* Science and engineering are the models for truth.
* Efficiency and speed are top priorities.
* The mainstream media’s awe for the rich is correct.
* It makes sense to compartmentalize your life into separate spheres, work, family, making love, education, politics, religion.

So talking about meditation and money was pretty flaking in the Modern’s view. Even more I disturbed their assumptions by actually connecting, the ideas of mind, body (and forgive me for this grave sin) the soul, to making money!

The next lesson in this series highlights the Traditionals. Go to it with the arrows below.

Until then, good business to you!


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